Firefox 29 is here, but it isn’t just any regular update from Mozilla. Firefox 29 is really a complete overhaul of the existing browser with a whole host of new features. Take a look for yourself at some of the most notable new features:

  • New Tabs: Taking a page out of Google Chrome’s book, Firefox 29 has introduced curved tabs, a departure from the straight-edged design of the past. Mozilla also highlights the current tab in which one is working, while fading the others, which should help some of the more trigger-happy users out there.

Firefox 29 Tabs

  • The Firefox Menu: All of the browser’s options that you use most – including the new window, new private window, history, add-ons and more – are now grouped together and are much more accessible in this redesigned menu, located in the upper right corner.

Firefox 29 Menu
Firefox 29 Menu


  • Customization: Speaking of that new menu, you may notice that there is a “Customize” option at the bottom, which allows you to alter the menu and toolbar any way you’d like.

Firefox 29 Customization

  • Bookmarks: With Firefox 29 (taking another page out of Chrome’s book), you can now add and view bookmarks from a new location (now in the main navigation bar), saving your favorite sites with just one click.

Firefox 29 Bookmarks

  • Firefox Sync: Mozilla knows that users these days are utilizing a variety of devices. With an enhanced version of Sync, you can easily access your bookmarks, passwords, history and other settings from computer to computer or to mobile devices.

All in all, Firefox 29 is a sleek new version of the browser, with plenty of new features that allow users to truly make it their own. To see for yourself, be sure to get it here.

Firefox 29 Themes

What better way to celebrate the new feature-packed version of Firefox than with a Firefox 29 theme? All of the themes in our gallery are compatible with the latest version, but here are a few of our favorite Firefox 29 themes:

Boston Red Sox

Not only do we have the official theme of the defending World Series champions, but Brand Thunder has created the official Firefox 29 browser theme for all 30 MLB teams. Each Firefox theme comes equipped with official team logos, colors and quick links to the best of the team websites with breaking news, scores and trade rumors. Find your favorite team!

Boston Red Sox Firefox 29 Theme

Auburn University

The college Firefox 29 themes don’t just stop here, either. Brand Thunder has a huge (and growing) gallery of college themes, allowing you to properly display your pride on your browser. Want to know the latest gossip coming out of the college ranks? These themes don’t just look great, they provide the quickest access to your school’s official website with breaking news, off-season chatter and links to social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. This is the ultimate fan experience and a great way to stay connected to your favorite school!

Auburn University Firefox 29 Theme

NASA Browser Themes

NASA Firefox 29 Themes

Bring amazing space imagery to your Firefox browser with the NASA interactive persona and theme. You’ll have your choice of three themes with images from the Hubble telescope, the space station or mesmerizing images from Earth’s look out into the solar system. This is a must have for any true space fan.

FB Theme

Facebook Theme for Firefox 29 Browser

Face it, you’re addicted to Facebook. It’s OK, we all are, so don’t try to hide it anymore. Brand Thunder has created the FB theme for the Facebook addict in you. Get a great looking theme with Facebook imagery and then quick links to access your FB page quickly right from the browser.

Pittsburgh Penguins

Pittsburgh Penguins Firefox 29 Theme

Consistently one of the best NHL hockey teams in the league, the Pittsburgh Penguins are one of the more popular NHL Firefox themes we provide. Each theme comes loaded with team colors, logos and breaking news and scores for the die-hard NHL fan.

Bob Marley

Bob Marley Firefox 29 Theme

One of the most iconic music artists of all time, a legend and visionary of reggae music. The Bob Marley theme is a reggae music lovers’ essential theme for Firefox.  Get updates on the latest remakes, albums and even play the best of Marley’s music right from your Firefox browser. One love!

Eco-Friendly Theme

Eco-Friendly Firefox 29 Theme

Almost all of us are concerned at least somewhat about our impact on the earth. This Eco-friendly Firefox theme showcases your love of mother earth with breaking eco-news and links to sites from Audubon to WWF. There’s even a video sidebar for the latest environmental videos.

Office Theme

Office Firefox 29 Theme

Hands up, how many of you have watched “The Office” TV show or are fans of it? We thought so. One of the most popular TV shows of the last decade, the Office provided a number of hilarious skits that are still being replicated across many offices around the world. This Firefox theme provides links to your favorite Office TV shows and there’s even a “Boss” button you can click so it looks like you’re actually working!

Beach Life Firefox Persona

Beach Life Firefox 29 Theme

Face it, we’d all rather be lying on the beach right now. We know that, so that’s why we created the Beach Life Firefox theme. Bring visions of paradise to your browser while you’re working, so you don’t have to remind yourself you’re in the office staring at coworker Jerry’s lunch pail all day.

Goblins Comic Theme

Goblins Comic Firefox 29 Theme

Rounding out our top 10 Firefox 29 compatible themes is the Goblins Comic theme. If you’re a fan of online comics or comic books in general, you’ll have to check out our comic themes for Firefox. Besides having some of the most dynamics imagery of any theme, you will also have a toolbar with links to the best of the Goblins comic site to keep you updated on the latest releases.


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