If you are a Firefox user, your browser has by now updated to Firefox 28. It came with a number of bug fixes and UI updates, which included VP9 video decoding support, an OS X notification center, volume control Firefox 28 & 29 updatessupport for HTML5 audio and support for WebM Opus audio.

Firefox 28 for Android also came with a bevy of unique updates as well, including:

“…improved text selection, cut, and copy; awesomebar entries now trigger predictive lookup; new multiple quick share buttons; added support for OpenSearch; VP9 video decoding; horizontal HTML5 audio/video volume control; support for Opus in WebM; added settings switch to toggle dynamic toolbar mode and various security fixes.”

As for Firefox 29, it should be released any day now and it’s coming with a bunch of changes, including ones that affect the browser’s design. The menu icon has now been moved to the right side of the toolbar, tabs now have rounded edges and the UI itself generally takes up less space.

The newest version of Firefox is also expected to be released with Firefox Accounts, which is a new way for users to sync data between multiple devices, a new Gamepad API and a new customization mode. You will now have more control over the menu layout of the browser by dragging and dropping icons (such as ones for syncing and downloading, add-ons, etc.) to the toolbar. And, like Google Chrome, the search and address bars have been combined.

Firefox 28 & 29 Themes

So as you wait for the arrival of Firefox 29, be sure to check out the great Mozilla Firefox themes you can get today that will also be compatible with the browser’s latest releases. A full gallery of Firefox 28 and Firefox 29 themes are available in the Brand Thunder Firefox gallery: http://gallery.brandthunder.com/

Brand Thunder Firefox Theme Gallery

Columbus Blue Jackets Firefox

The CBJ gave it a great run in the playoffs against the Pittsburgh Penguins, but came up just short. This team is young, though, and will be in the hunt for the Stanley Cup for years to come. Trust us, now is the time to download this theme and support the team.

Blue Jackets Browser Theme

Detroit Tigers Firefox

The Tigers have a stacked rotation and an offense capable of generating plenty of runs. Will it be enough to finally win the World Series? Oh, by the way, Brand Thunder also has the official browser themes for all 30 MLB teams.

Detroit Tigers Browser Theme

Holidays Themes for Firefox 28/29

When it comes to browser themes for holidays, Brand Thunder has you covered.

Halloween Browser Theme

University of Kentucky

Does having the Harrison twins back for next season make you want to explode with excitement? Keep yourself in check and stay pumped for college basketball season with this theme.

Kentucky Browser Theme

Machine Gun Kelly for Firefox

The Lace Up family is a tight-knit group, and this theme allows you to stay closer to other fans – and MGK himself – than ever before.

Machine Gun Kelly Browser Theme


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