Firefox Classic theme RestorerWhen a browser drastically changes its look, not everyone is going to like it. That is certainly the case with Firefox 29, which is a pretty big departure from its previous look, thanks to rounded tabs, an altered toolbar and more.

But all hope is not lost for fans of Firefox’s previous design, because there is an add-on called Classic Theme Restorer that will restore everything you like about the older versions of Firefox, including:

  • Squared tabs
  • Appbutton/appmenu
  • Bookmarks menu button
  • Bookmarks sidebar button
  • History sidebar button

There are a ton of other features you can choose to restore as well, from buttons and icons to colors, animations and every other kind of menu you can imagine. And with so many options at your disposal, you can really choose to make Firefox look however you want. Secretly love parts of Firefox 29? You can even leave those in there while changing everything else.

But if you’re really not excited for Firefox to look a lot more like Google Chrome, then this is the add-on you’ll want to install.

Best of all, the browser will still run the Australis UI, giving you all of the upgrades of the new browser that aren’t design-oriented.

And while you’re at it, changing the look of your browser any way you want, why not spice it up with some Firefox 29 themes as well? All of the themes in Brand Thunder’s gallery are compatible with the update, and we’ve got something for everyone, including:

Columbus Blue Jackets

The Blue Jackets made an exciting run to the playoffs in 2013-14, and are poised for big things next season. Now is the time to get this Firefox 29 theme and “Battle On” with the team.

Columbus Blue Jackets Firefox 29 Theme

Canadian Hockey National Team

Speaking of hockey, it’s never a bad time to support your favorite national team, and it doesn’t get any better than the Canadians.

Canada Hockey Firefox 29 Theme

Indiana Hoosiers

We know how important it is for people to show their college pride, which is why we have a great variety of college Firefox 29 themes, perfect for when your team is having a great season or simply matching up with a coworker’s team and you need the scales of luck tipped in your favor.

Indiana Hoosiers Firefox 29 Theme

Holidays Themes

We have Firefox 29 themes for all major holidays, helping you feel as festive as possible all year long.

Holiday Firefox 29 Theme

NASA Firefox 29 Themes

When you’re looking for some perspective and can’t stop thinking about your place in the universe – or if you simply love images of space – this is the Firefox 29 theme for you.

NASA Firefox 29 Theme

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