Cities are some of the most vibrant and exciting corners of the earth, from big cities like New York to smaller a mid-sized cities like Austin, Texas or Hamburg, Germany. Cities bring people of multiple backgrounds together, different ideologies, and different goals, and with that comes an amazing collaboration of ideas and exchanges. In this week’s browser “Theme of the Week” post, we feature some of the best city-inspired themes over the past several years. From city sunsets, to city nightlife, and beautiful panoramic views of skyscrapers, these city themes highlight some of the imagery we imagine when thinking about the cities we love.

Most of the user-submitted themes below were created using Brand Thunder’s free theme tool and represent some of the imaginations of our fans. Each week we highlight some of the best designs from fans in our gallery with our “Theme of the Week” posts. Over the past several weeks, we’ve featured categories of themes based on various topics like: Cars, the Beach, Movies, and Animals. Stay tuned for our weekly post where we will featured other exciting browser theme categories. In the meantime, check out some of the best city-inspired themes for your Firefox or Internet Explorer browser!

New York City

New York City Interactive Persona

Sunset on New York City

Sunset New york city theme


Chicago Browser Theme

Manhattan Bridge Theme

Manhattan Bridge Theme

City Speed

City speed

City by the River

City by the River

Hong Kong

Hong Kong Bright Theme

Big City Blues

Big City Blues Theme

City Lights Theme

City Lights Theme

Blue City Abstract

Blue City Abstract

Battlefield 3 City Scene

Battlefield 3 City

City Sunset Lights

City Sunset Lights Browser Theme

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