It’s not easy being a fan of the Chicago Cubs.

The team hasn’t won a World Series since 1908 and it doesn’t look like it will anytime soon. Yet, there are the fans every year, cheering on their lovable losers because they know that, one day, the taste of victory will be oh-so-sweet after so many years of losing.

To honor those faithful fans, we’ve compiled our favorite Chicago Cubs wallpaper, browser themes and iPhone wallpapers.

Chicago Cubs Downloads for All Aspects of Your Life

Chicago Cubs Browser Themes

When the team start winning, you’ll want to be the person who was completely surrounded by all things Cubs, and a browser theme is a great place to start. Not only will your fandom be proudly displayed while you use the Internet, but the official Cubs browser theme from Brand Thunder gives you even more, including scores, tickets, the latest news, promotions and more.

Chicago Cubs Browser Theme

Chicago Cubs Chrome Themes

Chicago Cubs Chrome Theme

Chicago Cubs Firefox Theme

Harry Caray Browser Theme

Chicago Cubs Firefox Themes

Build Your Own Chicago Cubs Browser Theme

Of course, being a fan also means being able to express your creativity. Thanks to BT Engage, you are also able to easily create your own Chicago Cubs Firefox theme or Internet Explorer theme in just a few ridiculously easy steps.

You could always create an anti-St. Louis Cardinals theme if you wanted, too.

Chicago Cubs Desktop Wallpaper

One of the things that makes being a Cubs fan so tolerable is Wrigley Field. The beautiful, historic field is the perfect place to catch a game, which makes it the ideal subject for your Cubs wallpaper. Or you could put up a huge background of your favorite player. The Cubs have also had a variety of great logos throughout the years, so you could even go that route.

Essentially, there is no wrong way to go when finding your Cubs desktop background. Unless it adds to the team’s already burdensome curse.

Wrigley Field Wallpaper

Chicago Cubs Wallpaper

Cubs Wallpapers

Cubs Desktop Background

Chicago Cubs Desktop Backgrounds

Chicago Cubs iPhone Wallpapers

iPhones are incredible devices with the capability to display images of a breathtaking quality. And with Cubs iPhone wallpaper, you can take your favorite team with you wherever you go, including the bar, where (for those of us who are of age) you’ll go to drown your sorrows after another lost season.

But, and this is what makes us keep coming back, there’s always next year!

Chicago Cubs iPhone Wallpaper

Chicago Cubs iPhone Background

Chicago Cubs iPhone Wallpapers

Chicago Cubs Background for iPhone

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