The weather is getting colder, but that should be putting a smile on your face. You know why? Christmas is almost here! There’s nothing better than the holiday season. People are friendlier, families are getting together, you’re buying gifts for the ones you love. Everything about it simply makes us all happier. So why not surround yourself in it at all times with Christmas desktop backgrounds and browser themes? What better way to stay in the holiday spirit all the way to 2015?

To get you started, we’ve put together some of our favorites below – happy holidays!

Christmas Browser Wallpapers

Want some instant access to holiday recipes, shopping sites and holiday activities? How about a countdown to Christmas right in your browser? Maybe you’re looking to spread some holiday cheer around this year? You can get all of that and more with any of these amazing holiday browser themes & desktop wallpapers:

2014 Christmas Browser Theme

Christmas Santa Browser Theme

Classic Christmas Browser Theme

Christmas Desktop Wallpaper

Make sure you’re in the proper holiday spirit every time you jump on the computer with these Christmas wallpapers:

The holiday season is a great time for the family to build crafts together.

Winter Dolls Wallpaper


What’s better than having a baby around the holidays? A baby’s first Christmas is a truly special time, and anyone who has done it can tell you wonderful it is to dress up said baby in various holiday-themed outfits. It doesn’t get any cuter than that.

Baby Santa Wallpaper


Sometimes, the only thing needed to brighten somebody’s day is a warm holiday greeting.

Merry Christmas Wallpaper

As a kid, how many nights did you stay up waiting to see if you could get a glimpse of Santa in his sleigh?

Santa Claus Wallpaper

One of the best things about Christmas is the beautiful displays of lights that you come across. Why can’t these just stay up all year?

Retro Christmas Lights Wallpaper

There’s nothing more exciting for a child – or adult – than to wake up to find presents under the tree on Christmas morning.

Christmas Present Wallpaper

Make sure to go outside and build a snowman when the snow finally starts falling!

Snowman Wallpaper

Make sure to leave some cookies out for Santa this year (and have a few for yourself, while you’re at it).

Christmas Cookies Wallpaper

What’s your favorite way to decorate a Christmas tree?

Christmas Tree Wallpaper

What’s your favorite holiday special on TV?

Charlie Brown Christmas Wallpaper

There’s nothing more peaceful than snow falling.

Snowing Wallpaper

Happy holidays, everyone.

Silent Night Wallpaper

Discover More Christmas Wallpapers

Lucky for you, there is an endless supply of awesome Christmas desktop themes. Here are even more options for you to enjoy:


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