During the holiday season, people often focus on Christmas, but Hanukkah – also known as the Festival of Lights or the Feast of Dedication – is a vitally important celebration as well, commemorating the miraculous eight-day lasting power of the menorah in the Temple. So as Hanukkah begins, we at Brand Thunder want provide you with a variety of Hanukkah wallpapers and browser themes to help ensure that you enjoy the holiday and always keep the spirit of the season in your mind.

Happy Hanukkah, everybody!

Hanukkah Browser Themes

Brand Thunder’s official Hanukkah theme keeps you connected to the holiday, with a beautiful display that will turn your entire browser into a Festival of Lights celebration. With this theme, there is no better way to bring the miracle of the holiday to your Internet.

Hanukkah Browser Theme

If you need Hanukkah themes specific to Google Chrome and Firefox, we have you covered there as well:

Hanukkah Chrome Themes

Hanukkah Chrome Theme

Hanukkah Chrome Background

Hanukkah Firefox Themes

Hanukkah Firefox Theme

Hanukkah Firefox Background

Happy Hanukkah Firefox Theme

Hanukkah Wallpapers

As you move through the eight days of this Jewish holiday, having a Hanukkah desktop background will always be there to remind you what the celebrating is all about in the first place. Nothing puts you in a better mindset for each of the holiday’s eight days than having the right kind of wallpaper, and now is the perfect time to make yours Hanukkah-related. You can certainly never go wrong with the menorah, but there really is so much great Jewish imagery to choose from. What’s your favorite part of the holiday?

Hanukkah Wallpaper

Happy Hanukkah Wallpaper

Hanukkah Wallpapers

Hanukkah Dreidels Wallpaper

Hanukkah Desktop Background

Menorah Wallpaper

Hanukkah Desktop Wallpaper

Happy Hanukkah Desktop Background

Get More Hanukkah Downloads

Looking for even more Hanukkah wallpapers to last you through the entire holiday? In addition to what we’ve provided above, there are many other great Hanukkah wallpapers out there. To check them out, be sure to use these resources:

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