brand-thunder-logoAny company that provides reputable software, extensions, add-ons or any kind of download is at risk of being called “malicious” or being labeled as “malware” from so-called review sites from anti-virus companies. These companies use their automated system to scrub the Internet to find companies that offer any sort of download, plug in their name, and try to convince innocent users that they need to buy their anti-virus software to clean their computers.

Many times, Brand Thunder is included on those sites and in fact, you’ll see Brand Thunder on many sites labeled as “malware” or some other sort of unscrupulous claim that is 100% false. We are writing this blog post on behalf of ourselves AND the hundreds of other reputable software and download products that are being falsely accused of something they are most certainly not.

We are 100% transparent with our product and certainly do not infect anyone’s computer with any sort of “malware” or related bug. It’s a shame we have to even write this post, but these “malware” review sites and pages from anti-virus companies simply lack the in-depth knowledge of these reputable products, including Brand Thunder.

The Truth Behind Brand Thunder

Our team can assure you (the Brand Thunder theme user) that there is nothing malicious with our product.  We have a very strong reputation and outstanding list of partners that include the MLB (entire league), NFL, NBA, NHL, and over 190 college athletics, none of which would partner with us if we were offering malware. Check out some of our clients:

As for the claims on message boards you may see with the same claims, we’ve had over 5 million installs, and the 99% that are happy with us don’t troll boards and are rarely seen.  In two instances, we’ve come across companies that have published Brand Thunder as a malware using their automated system to ’sell’ an antivirus product.  We’ve had to create documentation to defend these claims, as it happens to many companies, certainly not just Brand Thunder, way too often.

As a fully functioning business since 2007, Brand Thunder has kept the browser themes you love and use, free for users. Brand Thunder needs to earn money to continue to provide these themes and we do so by providing enhancements to the browser. We explain in detail our WebSearch+ add-on and how this enables us to keep the browser themes you love free.

WebSearch+ is built into the browser theme to benefit you with savings, targeted ads and shopping discounts that benefit a local charity when purchases are made. It also helps us pay for the development of these free themes. You have full control over the experience and ads through your browser settings and preferences, even though Brand Thunder is completely dependent on this advertising to support the business. Bottom line, you can disable any or all of these benefits.

Before you download a theme, we provide information directly on our theme pages under “Read Carefully” what the user is about to download. We also provide our Terms & Agreement on every page of our site:

There are no secrets here and we are 100% transparent to each user.

Brand Thunder Gallery Page Terms

Brand Thunder is NOT Malware!

We hope we’ve provided you with the information necessary to understand that Brand Thunder is not malware, nor do we insert anything malicious into your browser. We will continue to be falsely labeled as malware on a number of bogus anti-virus software websites who’s main goal is to get you to download their anti-virus software! (Talk about a paradox!) We just wanted to clear the air so that you know straight from the source, what you are getting.

Questions for Brand Thunder?

If you have any concerns or want to talk with ANYONE on our team, please contact us at anytime (info below) and we will answer any questions you have. We are real people behind these themes and would love a chance to talk with our customers.


Patrick Murphy – CEO of Brand Thunder

patrick murphy - brand thunder ceo
Patrick Murphy

Contact Information


US: 614.321.9316

UK: +44.795.1284875

PO Box 111, 
Columbus, OH 43002



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