As the unofficial second half of the baseball season gets underway, the better teams will begin to create some distance from everyone else in the quest for the playoffs. The AL East-leading Baltimore Orioles are looking to be one of those teams, and they certainly have the means to do it. With a power-packed lineup and a pitching staff that will be getting better with Kevin Gausman, Baltimore is looking at what should be a great ride to the postseason.

So to get yourself pumped for October, we’ve put together some of the best Orioles wallpapers and themes out there. Go O’s!

Orioles Browser Themes

As an avid Orioles fan, it’s imperative that you get the team’s official browser theme. Available for all of the major browsers, this Orioles theme will give you the latest team news, access to tickets, the team schedule, videos and everything else you need to stay on top of the team as it navigates through one of the toughest divisions in baseball.

Baltimore Orioles Browser Theme

Orioles Chrome Themes

Orioles Chrome Theme

Adam Jones Chrome Theme

Orioles Firefox Themes

Orioles Firefox Theme

Baltimore Orioles Firefox Theme

Orioles Desktop Wallpaper

Baltimore easily has one of the best logos in all of baseball. So display it with pride! With these Orioles wallpapers, you’ll always be able to show that not only are you an O’s fan, but you have impeccable taste when it comes to your preferred choice of baseball color schemes and style.

Orioles Wallpaper


Camden Yards Wallpaper


Orioles Desktop Wallpaper


Orioles Desktop Background


Retro Orioles Wallpaper


Nick Markakis Wallpaper


Orioles Logo Wallpaper

Orioles iPhone Wallpaper

Remember what we said about Orioles wallpaper for your desktop? The same holds true for your iPhone, too. Better yet, you get to take Orioles iPhone wallpapers with you, allowing you to prove your fandom to anyone you want.

Retro Orioles iPhone Wallpaper


Orioles iPhone Wallpaper


Orioles iPhone Background


Orioles Logo iPhone Wallpaper


Orioles Logo iPhone Background

Orioles Blogs to Follow

Camden Chat – The site has a daily link roundup called “Bird Droppings,” so what more do you need to know?

Camden Depot – This blog doesn’t go for the game-by-game recap strategy; instead, it focuses on deep analysis, often utilizing advanced stats

Birds Watcher – An excellent source of Orioles news and analysis from around the FanSided network

More Orioles Downloads

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