The Auburn Tigers are right in the thick of things this season, vying for a spot in the inaugural College Football Playoff. What could be better than that, especially when it comes after being in the battle-tested SEC? To celebrate the team’s continued resurgence on the national stage, we put together some of the best Auburn Tiger wallpapers, browser themes and more, including essential blogs to read.

And, as always, War Eagle!

Auburn Downloads for Every Fan of the Tigers

Auburn Browser Themes

As things heat up in the SEC this season, you’ll naturally want to follow your Tigers every step of the way. Best of all, you can easily do that with the school’s official browser theme, which is available for all major browsers. You’ll get photos, videos, instant access to tickets, social media and more. Oh, and it looks awesome.

Auburn Browser Theme

Looking just for Auburn Chrome and Firefox themes? We’ve got you covered there, too. Show your love for the Auburn Tigers on either Chrome or Firefox browsers. These will look great on any computer.

Auburn Chrome Themes

Auburn Tigers Chrome Theme

Auburn Chrome Theme

Auburn Firefox Themes

Auburn Firefox Theme

Auburn Firefox Themes

Auburn Tigers Firefox Theme

Auburn Desktop Wallpaper

What better way to decorate your computer’s desktop background than with something Auburn-related? There’s really nothing better than the Tigers’ colors and you’ll always be able to have their great logo on display thanks to these Auburn wallpapers. So while you’re showing support on your browser, show even more support on your desktop or laptop computers with these sweet wallpapers. Who knows, by the end of the season, you might even have a new SEC Champions wallpaper to put up.

Auburn Wallpaper

Auburn Champions Wallpaper

Auburn Desktop Background

This is Auburn Wallpaper

Auburn Desktop Walllpaper

Auburn Football Wallpaper

Auburn iPhone Wallpaper

So you got the new iPhone 6 and you’re ready to strut around town with it. The only thing that could make your brand-new phone even better, though, is an Auburn iPhone background, the perfect complement to when you’re showing off your device to everybody else. And what better way to make your older model feel brand-new again, too!

This is Auburn iPhone Wallpaper

Auburn Tigers iPhone Wallpaper

Auburn iPhone Background

Auburn Tigers iPhone Background

Auburn Tigers iPhone Wallpapers

Auburn Blogs to Follow

Of course, if you’re going to properly follow your Auburn Tigers, you’re going to get acquainted with these top-of-the-line Auburn blogs. And if you know of any must-follow Auburn blogs that the rest of the world MUST know about, be sure to tell us what they are and we’ll include them. These are the top Auburn Tiger blogs and websites covering all aspects of Auburn athletics.

Get More Auburn Downloads

If you need more wallpaper options to help you get your Auburn fix, we’d like to direct you here:

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