Web browser are the greatest , aren’t they? They’re our portals to the Internet, and they really do so much for us. But we live in a culture where we always want more, more, more, and there is always going to be something else we want our browsers to be able to do. But you should clear your web browser history or historial de google from time to time. This is an essential step to keep your device running efficiently. So with that in mind, here are seven things you definitely wish your browser could do:

1. Give you money

Wouldn’t it be nice if your browser could just dispense some cash for you so you could easily go about living your life? Why can’t any of them do that yet and are they working hard enough to figure it out?

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2. Go to work for you

As great as our browsers are, none of them are sentient enough to actually take your place at work to allow you more time to pursue your hobbies. Maybe in a few years!

3. Solve all of the world’s problems

You certainly see the news every day; you know there are so many issues going on in our world. Wouldn’t it be nice if your browser had a button that you could click to solve every type of conflict in one fell swoop?

World Peace
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4. Give you superpowers

You know how you’ve always dreamed of having the ability to fly or be invisible? Or how about super strength? Unfortunately, a browser theme cannot provide you with either of those things. Or any other type of superpower for that matter…yet. But until then, keep working on that list of your top five most-wanted superpowers so you can be ready when it does finally become possible.

5. Figure out your dating life

We’re not touching that one.

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6. Make all of your dreams come true

Do you want to be the President of the United States? Maybe you want to be a famous actor or actress. Whatever it is, keep reaching for the stars! Just don’t expect your browser to make the process any easier for you. You won’t just open Google Chrome or Firefox one day to find that you are suddenly the most successful author in the country. And if that does happen for you, please let us know how you managed to do it.

7. Find a way to get a brand-new, sleek look; offer instant access to the social media accounts of your favorite teams, schools and celebrities; provide incredibly helpful shopping links; add in fun elements for the holidays, like twinkling lights or falling snow

Oh wait! Your browser CAN do this, thanks to the wide variety of browser themes created by Brand Thunder. No matter what type of theme you’re looking for – whether you want to celebrate the holidays or cheer on your favorite team through the playoffs – we have it for you, and it’ll come jam-packed with all of those features above and more.

Turns out your browser can do more than you think. Now it’s on to figuring out the rest of the features listed here.

2014 Christmas Browser Theme


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