When it comes to designing your desktop, you have a number of options. You have to decide what to do with the colors, the layout, and more. In fact, the sheer amount of options that you have can be overwhelming. Never fear; here are six design elements that make up a truly awesome desktop wallpaper theme.

Color Schemes

The desktop is where you’re going to be spending a lot of time. You’ll see it fairly often, so you want it to look nice. Avoid using harsh, bright colors. If you’re using a custom background, use one that’s similar in color to the design you have set for Windows. You never want to have a harsh, contrasting desktop. If you prefer bright colors, make sure to sync everything up.

Color Schemes for design


Sometimes, typographic wallpaper is just what you need. There’s a ton that you can do with typography, from layering it so it has a unique look to using words to make the design itself. You’ll need to learn a bit of Photoshop to achieve the look you’re going for. There are plenty of tutorials online to help you out when it comes to creating a unique typographic wallpaper. When it comes to this type of style, the only limitation is your creativity.

Typography in Designing Wallpaper

Avoid Repetition and Maximize Space

With any desktop, you run the risk of losing items because they get lost among the links or it just looks cluttered. There are multiple ways that you can section items off. By sectioning items off, not only will your desktop look great, but you won’t lose track of things again. In moving things around, you’ll discover links that you either no longer use or duplicates of certain links. Once this is done, you can use a remote desktop program to have your desktop available on your smartphone.

Some operating systems even allow users to fully customize their desktop experiences. Ubuntu, a free OS, is helping to set the paradigm for space saving desktop design.  Ubuntu Desktop is built around Unity, which is a graphical desktop environment.  Unity’s shell interface was initially designed to make more efficient use of space given the limited screen size like netbooks and smartphones. Now, both desktops and mobile devices are part of Ubuntu’s short-term plans. According to CRN.com, consumers can expect to see Ubuntu devices in 2014, as carriers like T-Mobile are on the advisory group. Expect more mainstream devices and OSes to adopt these desktop interface changes going forward.

ubuntu desktop

Integrating Wallpaper with Design

One unique way that people are making their desktop their own is through interesting wallpaper that serves another purpose. For example, this type of simple wallpaper is great to use when organizing your desktop. You can store the links on the shelves, place the recycle bin next to the desk, put the computer on the desk, and more. This can work for multiple occasions — birthdays or holidays. This great Easter browser theme could easily be used for a desktop.

Easter desktop wallpaper theme


With your desktop, you’re going to want to place a certain emphasis on things. Whether that’s on certain files or a certain portion of the screen is up to you. For things that are more important, you’re going to want to make things a bit darker, and for things that aren’t nearly as important, you’ll make that section lighter. You can use value to guide someone’s eye to something important or to create depth. When used correctly, it can make for an awesome desktop theme.

Value in Designing Desktop Themes

Utilizing Size and Lines

If you’ve got something that’s more important than something else, it’s only natural to place it in a spot that’s easy to view. For the more important stuff, either make it more visible or make it larger than other things. If you’d rather keep things the same size for a nice, equal look, make use of lines. You can have lines that connect certain icons to others, so if you have related files you can link them together. The line design is completely up to you.

There are a ton of ways that you can make your very own awesome desktop theme, but one thing is for certain: it’ll require a lot of thought and work. Whether you want to make use of simple things like lines or add a ton of colors, you can guarantee that your desktop will be unique. Have you customized your desktop? If so, what did you decide to do? Leave a comment below and let us know.

Utilizing Size and Lines in Desktop Themes

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