Summer is officially up and running, but even while you spend it basking in the sun, there is plenty of time to outfit your Firefox browser with some fresh extensions. These Firefox add-ons will do a little bit of everything for you – they will make your life easier, maybe offer a little peace of mind and even potentially help your career.

What are you waiting for? Check them out!

Popular Firefox Extensions for July 2014


Auto Plugin Checker Extension

Got a ton of plugins in your browser? This trending Firefox extension will automatically let you know when one of them is ready for an update. Not only will it ensure that your plugins have the latest features, but it will protect you against the security issues that can arise from old plugins.


FlashStopper Firefox Extension

There are few things more annoying on the Internet than videos that automatically play without your consent. But FlashStopper is a popular Firefox tool that makes flash players show video thumbnails instead of autoplaying, bringing you the sweet relief you have always wanted. Better yet, it works on many top news and sports sites and comes with a variety of features that let you customize exactly what autoplaying videos you want to block or allow.


Klout Firefox Extension

This nifty extension combines Klout and Twitter; simply put, when you install it in your browser, any profile you see while on is also accompanied by the person’s Klout score. It never hurts to save time, right?


Gmelius Extension for Firefox

Want a cleaner Gmail experience that also boosts your own email productivity and better protects your privacy? Gmelius is your answer. We are so often inundated with emails throughout a day that it seems impossible to stay on task and answer all of them. But this extension helps by removing ads, detecting and blocking email tracking services, printing cleaner emails, adding better categorization filters and so much more. Extension

Interested in a collection of websites, companies or online markets? The extension makes it incredibly easy to keep track of them; all you have to do is tell the extension what you’re interested in tracking and you’ll get regular reports on how those things are trending. It’s perfect if you work in a certain industry (say, Internet marketing) or want to monitor what your competitors are doing.


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