Believe it or not, but we’re already approaching the halfway point of 2014. After you’ve finished crying, consider making yourself feel better by installing some new Chrome extensions. Trust us, it’ll help ease the pain.

To make it even better for you, we’ve compiled five of the top trending Chrome extensions for the month of June (and maybe winter won’t be so bad this year…right?):

Top Trending Google Chrome Extensions for June 2014


SwiftPreview Chrome ExtensionWith so much time spent on the Internet, it’s great to find shortcuts that make just about anything go quicker. So how about an extension that allows you to preview links on Facebook, Reddit, Twitter and more (in other words, any site there is) before actually clicking on them? Don’t bother opening a new tab and simply preview links in the same window with SwiftPreview.


Streamus Chrome Extension

You like using YouTube to listen to music, right? For those of us who are on there constantly, looking for deep cuts or trying to find the latest album, Streamus allows you to turn YouTube into the bona fide music player you’ve always wanted. Create playlists of your favorite music and stream away – best of all, your video collections in this Chrome extension are accessible from any PC.


Dayboard Chrome Extension

Let’s face it, who actually likes Chrome’s current new tab page? Why not turn it into something useful? With this productive Chrome extension, the new tab page turns into a task list that focuses on just five items per day. Simply write down the five things most important for you to get done on any given day and, every time you open a new tab (which, when you think about it, is a lot), you’ll be reminded of what you need to get done.

Download Manager

Download Manager Chrome Extension

Looking for a better way to manage all of your browser’s downloads? This is the trending Chrome extension for you. Download Manager makes it simple – with it, you can manage your browser downloads directly from the toolbar instead of the download shelf at the bottom of the screen.

Smile Always

Smile Always Chrome Extension

Whenever you shop with AmazonSmile, 0.5% of the price is automatically donated to the charitable organization of your choice. Everything about the site is exactly how you’ve known it – AmazonSmile just allows you to do some good in the process. This popular extension simply automatically redirects all Amazon pages to AmazonSmile pages to ensure you keep giving back. Shopping never felt so good!


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