We don’t want to believe it either, but summer is close to winding down. By the end of next week, August will already be here, which means students will soon be going back to school, football will be starting and, before we know it, we’ll start noticing a brown leaf here and there.

But fear not! There is still time to have the best summer of your life, and these five Chrome extensions will help.

5 of the Best Chrome Extensions for the Rest of Summer


Weather Chrome Extension

Planning a day at the beach? It’s always good to know exactly what the weather is going to do, and this extension will give you access to local weather forecasts (including severe weather alerts and five- and ten-day forecasts), radar and allergy and pollen alerts, along with worldwide weather news just in case you need it. When it comes to weather Chrome extensions, nothing keeps you more prepared than WeatherBlink.

Instant Music

Instant Music Chrome Extension

Hey, if you’re planning on spending your last remaining days of summer at the beach or at least somewhere outside, you’re going to need music to accompany you along the way. With Instant Music, you get a music Chrome extension that will play all of the latest songs that are dominating the summer. Simply pick a genre and how many songs you want to listen to; from there, you can just sit back and enjoy.


Photo Chrome Extension

Chances are, you’ve been taking a ton of pictures this summer. That’s just the way it goes. And with PhotoMania, you can enhance your pictures any way you want with more than 500 different effects. This photo Chrome extension also allows you to add frames, insert your pictures into e-cards and more. As the most advanced and user-friendly photo effects application, this is an essential summer tool.

Web Timer

Web Timer Chrome Extension

Unfortunately, there’s this little thing called work that often gets in the way of our summer fun. Luckily, there are all kinds of Chrome extensions that will help you stay focused on the task at hand to get you outside enjoying the weather even faster. One of those great extensions is Web Timer, which tracks all of the sites you visit and how much time you spend there. So, if you notice that Facebook is suddenly dominating your time spent online, you’ll know that you need to buckle down.


Walmart Chrome Extension

If you’re working on that big beach adventure or road trip before the end of summer, you’re going to need supplies. Snacks, drinks, something in which to put said snacks and drinks, etc. You can get everything you need at Walmart, and the store’s official Chrome extension offers a ton of daily – even hourly – savings, along with the ability to keep track of clearance events, rollbacks and new items.

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