We’ve brought you the latest Halloween browser themes for this year, and now we want you to put a little bit of spookiness into your desktop background! That’s right, we’ve put together 31 of the scariest, ghouliest Halloween desktop wallpapers you’ve ever seen, all of which would be perfect for you to use as you prepare yourself for one of the best holidays of the year.

Halloween Desktop Wallpapers for 2014

Try a Halloween Browser Theme, Too!

While you’re looking to deck out your desktop wallpaper, be sure to put your web browser in the holiday spirit too with a Halloween browser theme.

2014 Halloween Browser Theme

Ghost Wallpapers

No one likes ghosts, but you might be looking over your shoulder a little bit more for one when Halloween starts to roll around. And since giving yourself a scare is one of the best qualities of Halloween, why not try out one of these ghost desktop backgrounds?

Ghost Wallpaper

Ghosts Wallpaper

Ghost Desktop Wallpaper

Flying Ghosts Wallpaper

Pumpkin Desktop Wallpapers

Whether it’s just a pumpkin or a full-on jack-o-lantern, these are staples of the Halloween season. Be sure to use one of these wallpapers when you’re ready to head out to the pumpkin patch!

Pumpkin Wallpaper


Pumpkin Wallpapers

Scary Pumpkins Wallpaper

Haunted House Wallpapers

You might walk by a house like this during the day and think, “Oh, that’s not so scary.” But then you come back again and night and it’s taking everything in your mind to not run in the other direction. Just try not to be the person who gets dared to spend a night in one of these places. And if you’re not, you can maybe scare yourself from the safety of your own home with these haunted house desktop backgrounds.

Haunted House Wallpaper

Haunted House Wallpapers

Haunted House Background

Monster Wallpapers

Some monsters are misunderstood; others are just terrifying. No matter how you feel about them, here are some monster backgrounds for your desktop.


Clown Halloween Wallpaper

Frankenstein Desktop Wallpaper

Monster Wallpaper

Witch Wallpapers

Here at Brand Thunder, we’re big fans of witches (we’ve seen Hocus Pocus about a billion times). Witches have a lot of different looks, but everyone knows what a crooked nose, warts and occasional green skin mean. Man, no wonder witches are so evil.

Witch Wallpaper

Witch Wallpapers

Witch Desktop Background

Witches Wallpaper

Other Scary Halloween Desktop Wallpapers

One of the best (or worst, depending on whom you ask) things about Halloween is just how many spooky things there are out in the world. So here are a bunch of other random scary Halloween desktop backgrounds.


Owl Wallpaper

Black Cat Wallpaper

Halloween Forest Wallpaper

Cute Halloween Wallpapers

You know, Halloween doesn’t always have to be so terrifying. Turns out, these Halloween backgrounds prove it can be pretty cute, too. If you’re looking for a fun or whimsical theme that isn’t so scary, check out these cute Halloween wallpapers to liven up your computer. Trick or Treat!




Happy Halloween Wallpapers

No matter how you celebrate, we want you to have the best Halloween ever! So go out there and carve a pumpkin, dress up and get as much candy as you can this year. Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween Wallpaper

Happy Halloween Wallpapers

Halloween Greeting Wallpaper

Happy Halloween Desktop Wallpaper

Halloween Desktop Background

Looking for More Halloween Wallpapers?

Boy, can we help you there. We’ve just compiled some of our favorites above, but these desktop wallpaper sites have even more Halloween fun. If you can’t find a wallpaper you like from this selection, I guess the trick is on you! Happy Halloween!


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