There are a ton of great shortcuts available for Google Chrome, all of which are designed to make our online lives easier. Of course, we really mean it when we say there are a ton. That being said, we wanted to provide you with what we think are 30 of the most essential shortcuts for the browser. When you’re sifting through all of the shortcuts presented to you, these are the ones you’ll really want to focus on. Of course, it is subjective, so if you have any favorite shortcuts that we didn’t include, let us know!

30 of the Most Useful Chrome Shortcuts for Windows Users


Ctrl + T: Open a new tab

Ctrl+W / Ctrl+F4: Close a tab (or Chrome if you only have one tab open)

Ctrl+Shift+T: Reopen last tab

Ctrl+Tab: Move to the next tab in your current window

Ctrl+Shift+Tab: Move back to the previous tab in your window

Type a URL in the address bar, then type Alt+Enter: Open the URL in a new tab

Ctrl+1, Ctrl+2, etc.: Jump to first tab, second tab, etc.


Chrome Bookmarks Menu

Alt+F, then B: Accessing your bookmarks from Chrome’s main menu

Ctrl+Shift+B: Show or hide the bookmarks bar

Ctrl+D: Add your current web page as a bookmark

Alt+D, then F6: Jump to the bookmark toolbar, utilizing the arrow keys to shift between bookmarks


Ctrl+N: Open a new window

Ctrl+Shift+N: Open a new window in incognito mode


Alt+F: Access Chrome’s menu in the top right-hand corner

Alt+F4: Close current window

Ctrl+J: Open Downloads tab



Ctrl+”+”: Zoom in on the page

Ctril+”-“: Zoom out on the page

Ctrl+H: Open the History page

Ctrl+E or Ctrl+K: Enter a search in the address bar

Ctrl+U: View page source

Ctrl+A: Select all the content on the page

Home/End: Jump to beginning or end of page

Alt+Left arrow/right arrow: Jump back to previous page visited / jump forward to next page


Ctrl+Enter on link: Open link in new background tab

Shift+Ctrl+Enter on link: Open link in new foreground tab

Shift+Enter on link: Open link in new window

Alt+Enter on link: Download link

Other Stuff

Chrome Help Center

F1: Open the Chrome Help Center

F11: Turn full screen viewing on and off

Looking for More Google Chrome Shortcuts?

Of course, we know these are only 30 shortcuts for what is quickly becoming the world’s most popular browser. If you’re looking for more, be sure to check out these other resources:

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