Firefox ShortcutsKeyboard shortcuts are one of the most beautiful inventions ever bestowed upon us. Who doesn’t want to make their browser easier and faster? And for the Mozilla Firefox browser, there is a laundry list of shortcuts that you can use to make you feel like a computer hacker in a movie (or something like that), zipping around on the screen just by touching a couple keys. We’re especially happy that the browser offers a bunch of shortcuts for the many developers who utilize Firefox.

We at Brand Thunder put together 30 of what we think are the most useful Firefox shortcuts out there, but if you have any others that are absolute musts, let us know!

30 of the Most Useful Firefox Shortcuts for Windows

Tabs Shortcuts

Firefox New Tab Page

Close Tab: Ctrl + W; Ctrl + F4

Move Tab in Focus Left: Ctrl + Shift + Page Up

Move Tab in Focus Right: Ctrl + Shift + Page Down

Move Tab in Focus to Start: Ctrl + Home

Move Tab in Focus to End: Ctrl + End

New Tab: Ctrl + T

Next Tab: Ctrl + Tab; Ctrl + Page Down

Jump to Browser Tab 1-8: Ctrl + 1…8

Open Address in New Tab: Alt + Enter

Bookmark Shortcuts

Bookmark This Page: Ctrl + D

Bookmark All Tabs: Ctrl + Shift + D

Developer Tools Shortcuts

Firefox Developer Tools

Toggle Developer Tools: F12; Ctrl + Shift + I

Web Console: Ctrl + Shift + K

Inspector: Ctrl + Shift + C

Debugger: Ctrl + Shift + S

Style Editor: Shift + F7

Profile: Shift + F5

Developer Toolbar: Shift + F2

Page Source: Ctrl + U

Browser Console: Ctrl + Shift + J

History Shortcuts

History Sidebar: Ctrl + H

Clear Recent History: Ctrl + Shift + Del

Media Shortcuts

Toggle Play/Pause: Space bar

Increase Volume: Up arrow

Decrease Volume: Down arrow

Seek Back 15 Seconds: Left arrow

Seek forward 15 Seconds: Right arrow

Other Shortcuts

Add-ons Manager

Toggle Full Screen: F11

Show/Hide Add-on Bar: Ctrl + /

Open Add-ons Manager: Ctrl + Shift + A

Looking for More Firefox Shortcuts?

These, of course, are not all the Firefox shortcuts out there. If you want to see more, be sure to check these out:

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