It’s almost that time of year again – time for Halloween! The return of all the ghouls and ghosts of the season is a welcomed sight, and we couldn’t be happier to bring you even more Halloween browser themes this year. Not only do we have Brand Thunder’s newest Halloween browser theme for 2014, but we have a whole bunch of other themes for Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and more to get you pumped up all autumn long.

2014 Halloween Browser Themes

At Brand Thunder, we love getting involved in the holiday season, and we love coming out with our yearly Halloween themes for the major browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, IE and Safari. With this haunting design, you’ll be in the Halloween spirit all season long, and the theme itself even offers quick links to sites for Halloween costumes and shopping, along with a video sidebar for added fun.

Official 2014 Halloween Theme

2014 Halloween Browser Theme

Flaming pumpkins! We don’t know how the pumpkins in this theme caught on fire, and we don’t want to know, because we’re going to bet it’s a terrifying reason.

Halloween Browser Theme

This Halloween theme gives off a particularly spooky feeling, doesn’t it? This has been one of our most popular Halloween browser themes over the past several years. With jack-o-lanterns, a full moon, haunted houses, spiders, and an orange and black design, this theme will certainly make your browser feel like Halloween. Boo!

Halloween Chrome Theme

More Brand Thunder Halloween Themes

The team at Brand Thunder has a huge collection of Halloween inspired themes include the themes below; from Haunted Houses, Dark Temptresses, Black Cats, Scary Hotels, Jack-o-Lanterns and more. Check out our Halloween gallery for even more great themes!

Dark Night Temptress

Dark Night Temptress

Haunted Halloween Farm

Haunted Halloween Farm Theme

Creepy House Halloween

Creepy House Halloween Theme

Creepy Halloween Night

Creepy Halloween Night

Black Cat on Halloween Theme

Black Cat on Halloween Theme

Hallowed Night

Hallowed Night Theme

Halloween Jack-o-Lanterns

Halloween Jack-o-lanterns theme

Psycho Bates Hotel

Psycho Bates Hotel

Halloween Chrome Themes

No one ever said Halloween had to always be so scary. To prove it, here’s a cute pumpkin Chrome theme!

Pumpkin Chrome Theme

A haunted forest is pretty much the last place I’d want to be on Halloween. Though that does remind us to re-watch The Blair Witch Project

Haunted Halloween Chrome Theme

The best part about Halloween? How about the endless amounts of candy that you’re allowed to eat? As a kid, this means everything, but adults aren’t above going crazy for Halloween candy.

Candy Corn Chrome Theme

Of course, Halloween also means it’s autumn, so why not start lighting some pumpkin-scented candles while you’re decorating the house?

Halloween Candles Chrome Theme

Even ghosts get scared sometimes.

Ghost Chrome Theme

Love old-school monsters? This Halloween Chrome theme is for you.

Monster Chrome Theme

How would you like to see this every time you open your browser or open a new tab?

Creepy Chrome Theme

Halloween Firefox Themes

Nothing beats carving a pumpkin in the fall.

Pumpkin Firefox Theme

Okay, well, this is a Halloween Firefox theme that will keep you up at night.

Scary Firefox Theme

But even the scariest Halloween characters had to start out somewhere, right?

Cute Halloween Firefox Theme

If you’re a fan of the color orange, there’s no better time of the year for you.

Halloween Firefox Theme

Are you going to be checking out any haunted houses this year?

Haunted House Firefox Theme

No matter what you do for the holiday, make sure it’s fun! Happy Halloween!

Happy Hallowen Firefox Theme

Find More Halloween Browser Themes

Looking for even more Halloween backgrounds for your browser? We’ve got you covered for the entire season!

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