Halloween is coming quick! You don’t want to be left out of the fun and festivities by not decorating your computer with as many Halloween-related items as possible, from browser themes and wallpaper to screensavers, which you’ll find here.

Screensavers are great because they truly add an atmosphere to your room – with spooky sounds and images floating around your monitor, there’s no doubt you’ll be able to get into the spirit of the holiday quickly. So, with that in mind, we put together some of our favorite Halloween screensavers that are sure to put a little fright into your computer time.

Scare Yourself Silly With These Animated Halloween Screensavers

Try a Halloween Browser Theme, Too

While you’re at it, why not deck out your browser theme for Halloween? At Brand Thunder, we have a number of great Halloween themes for the major browsers that will give you great costume ideas and links to help you get your Halloween shopping done quickly.

2014 Halloween Browser Theme

Vampire Screensavers

People have a pretty big obsession with vampires these days, so here are some vampire screensavers for you to enjoy (sorry, no Twilight here).

Animated Vampire Screensaver

Other Vampire Screensavers

Vampire Screensaver

Vampire Screensavers

Skeleton Screensavers

People love to watch skeletons dance, apparently, but that doesn’t mean skeletons – particularly skulls – can’t be pretty terrifying, too! Of course, we’re still pretty partial to just watching the skeletons bounce around and have a good time.

Dancing Skeletons Screensaver

Other Skeleton Screensavers

Skeleton Screensaver

Skull Screensaver

Skeletons Screensaver

Pumpkin Screensavers

When you’re carving your jack-o’-lantern this year, be sure to use a pumpkin screensaver for some inspiration. You could go with the usual triangle-eyes-and-smile approach, or you could go all out and try to carve a masterpiece.

Pumpkins Screensaver

Other Pumpkins Screensavers

Pumpkin Screensaver

Pumpkins Screensaver

Halloween Movie Screensavers

Watching scary movies is one of the best parts about Halloween. Whether you’re a fan of the thrills or simply want to hide under a blanket, horror films offer a little something for everybody. If you’re a big horror buff, a Halloween movie screensaver might be the way to go.

The Wolfman

Wolfman Screensaver

Halloween Screensaver

Halloween Movie Screensaver

Land of the Dead Zombie Screensaver

Land of the Dead Screensaver

Other Spooky Halloween Screensavers

Spooky Halloween Screensaver

Graveyard Screensaver

Scary Screensaver

Trick or Treat Screensaver

Find More Halloween Screensavers

Looking to spook yourself out even more this October? Get your fill with all of these scary screensavers, you monster:

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