valentine's day heartWhat is more romantic for Valentine’s Day than the image of a big ole heart? As the lovefest holiday approaches, it’s the perfect time to surround yourself with sweet, romantic sentiments, including Valentine’s Day Chrome themes.

Every time you use the Internet, you’ll be reminded that you’re loved and that there is a special someone out there who has your own heart. Of course, you don’t need to be with someone to enjoy any of these heart Chrome themes; in fact, these themes are the perfect mood booster for anyone.

So, whether you’re madly in love, “finding yourself,” or simply love everything heart-related and don’t need to be with someone to enjoy it (be you!), we have you covered. 

Find Your Chrome Hearts Theme

The first two heart Chrome themes in this list are straight from Brand Thunder, and offer so much more than just a beautiful browser. In fact, a Valentine’s Day browser theme from Brand Thunder does everything from offer dining suggestions and other romantic ideas to the ability to send eCards, shop for flowers and more.

Love, Love, Love Theme

Google Chrome Hearts Theme

Valentine Roses and Hearts

Google Chrome Hearts Themes

Hipster Hearts Chrome Theme

Chrome Hearts Theme

Intricate Hearts Theme

Chrome Hearts Themes

Cheetah Hearts for Chrome

Chrome Heart Theme

All the Hearts You Can Handle

Tons of Hearts for Google Chrome

Love Tree Hearts Theme

Hearts Theme for Google Chrome

Purple Hearts

Colorful Hearts Theme

Bubbly Hearts Chrome Theme

Cute Hearts Theme

Hearts in the Wind

Creative Google Chrome Themes


Colorful Outlined Heart Theme

Colorful Chrome Theme

Blue Pencil Hearts Chrome Theme

Blue Hearts Theme

Love Drops Chrome Theme

Hearts and Smiles Chrome ThemeValentine Love Chrome Theme

Valentine Hearts ThemeCelebrate Love with More Hearts and Valentine’s Day Chrome Themes

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