If there’s one thing we love, it’s celebrities. We are a culture that is obsessed with a celebrity’s every move, and we often elevate them to deity-like statuses. But hey, they entertain us so maybe they deserve the praise. If you have a favorite celebrity, make sure to find his/her theme for Google Chrome – what better way to get pumped for their next movie, album or game?

Celebrity Google Chrome Themes

Jennifer Lawrence

In the past few years, no one has exploded quite like Jennifer Lawrence. Thanks to the Hunger Games series, Lawrence has become one of the biggest names in movies and, oh yeah, she won an Oscar too.

Jennifer Lawrence Chrome Theme

Bob Marley

Bob Marley passed away far too early, but his message and music endures. With his official browser themes, you can actually choose from four different themes, along with getting instant access to the Bob Marley communities on Facebook and Twitter, BobMarley.com and a sidebar of special features.

Bob Marley Google Chrome Theme


Leonardo DiCaprio

DiCaprio is easily one of the best actors in the world, so when is he going to finally win an Academy Award? Maybe downloading a Leonardo DiCaprio Chrome theme will help…

Leonardo DiCaprio Chrome Theme

LeBron James

Being the best basketball player in the world – and one of the best of all time – certainly has its perks. Since he entered the NBA, LeBron James has become one of the most recognizable names on the planet, and the scary part is that he’s really just getting started. When it comes to celebrity Chrome themes for athletes, no one compares to LeBron.

LeBron James Chrome Theme

Katy Perry

We like Katy Perry because she’s a pop star who isn’t afraid to actually show off a sense of humor in her music videos. It helps that her music is dangerously catchy, too.

Katy Perry Chrome Theme

Machine Gun Kelly

MGK isn’t just a musical artist – he is the founder of a true movement, the “Lace Up” movement. And with MGK’s official theme, you can easily connect with fans all over the world as you share your passion for his music and message.

Machine Gun Kelly Chrome Theme


Michael Jordan

Even in retirement, people can’t seem to get enough of Michael Jordan, especially as there appears to be a bit of a feud growing between him and LeBron James. But really, have you ever seen anybody better than Jordan?

Michael Jordan Chrome Theme

Justin Bieber

He isn’t exactly making things easy on himself these days, but there is no doubt that Justin Bieber still has an outrageously large group of fans. If you’re a Belieber no matter what the guy does, then you might want to download a Justin Bieber Chrome theme.

Justin Bieber Chrome Theme


Miley Cyrus

Is there a celebrity who gets talked about – or scrutinized – more than Miley Cyrus? No matter what she does, people seem to have an opinion about it. But in that regard, she’s doing exactly what she needs to remain one of the biggest pop stars in the world. Fuel the fire and download her celebrity Chrome theme!

Miley Cyrus Chrome Theme


Derek Jeter

One of the best shortstops to ever play baseball is retiring this year; you’ll want to download this Derek Jeter Chrome theme to show your appreciation.

Derek Jeter Google Chrome Theme

Bret Michaels

Are you a member of Road Dog Nation? With Bret’s official browser theme, you can stay connected to him better than ever before, with instant access to his social media pages, along with breaking news from Bret while he’s on the road.

Bret Michaels Chrome Theme


Kim Kardashian

There might not be a celebrity Chrome theme more divisive than this one, but for some reason, we all love talking about Kim Kardashian. Millions of people watch her show and follow her every move, so we’re obligated to consider her a celebrity. Sometimes, the criteria isn’t too high.

Kim Kardashian Chrome Theme

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