Internet Explorer 11Internet Explorer has always had a dubious past, often the butt of jokes in the online community for the stigma against its performance and core group of users. But Microsoft has campaigned hard to prove that the newest versions of IE haven’t been like their predecessors – this is now supposed to be a fast, secure and innovative browser.

For the most part, that has recently held true. Internet Explorer has developed into a viable option, standing tall next to Firefox and Google Chrome. But Internet Explorer 11 is experiencing some problems with the Windows 8.1 rollout, specifically when it comes to Google searches and its other offerings.

As of right now, Google products are not rendering well in IE11, which most importantly includes the search engine itself. Results are being bunched into the left-hand side of the page, making it annoying and nearly useless for users.

A Google Search on Internet Explorer 11

Google Search Results in IE 11

Of course, Google is being blamed by Microsoft for making people want to throw their computers through a window. Microsoft released a statement to The Next Web throwing Google under the bus:

“It appears Google made some changes to its search engine that temporarily impacted the way search results rendered for some browsers. We have already made the necessary adjustments to ensure customers using Internet Explorer are not impacted.”

But to make matters worse, Internet Explorer 11 hasn’t been working well with Outlook for a while, Microsoft’s own webmail application, which is to suggest that something is up with IE11 rather than the other way around.

How to Fix IE11 Issues with Google Searches

There has been a way for IE11/Windows 8.1 users to bypass this problem, though. Simply click on Tools and then uncheck the option to “Use Microsoft Compatibility lists.”

Source: Google Product Forums & ITWorld

Are you a Windows 8.1 user having trouble with Internet Explorer 11? What are some of the issues you are having?

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