valentines day for firefox personaAs January draws to a close, it’s time for all of us to set our sights on the next big holiday coming down the pike: Valentine’s Day.

It’s a polarizing holiday, that’s for sure. But we’re pretty sure the Valentine’s Day detractors are made up mostly of bitter people who simply don’t have anyone to celebrate with. While that is understandably upsetting, the rest of us love it. Sure, there is the common complaint – “Why do I need to be told when to celebrate my relationship? Shouldn’t Valentine’s Day be every day?” – but what’s wrong with celebrating love? Also, no one wants to celebrate Valentine’s Day every day. That would get exhausting.

However, in the days leading up to Valentine’s Day, go wild! A Valentine’s Day Firefox persona or theme is the perfect way to show your love for, well, this tremendous day of love. You can choose from just about anything – including standard fare such as flowers, hearts and candy – ensuring that you’ll find something that will make this Valentine’s Day extra special.

Be sure to check out some of our favorite Firefox Valentine’s Day themes and personas below!

Official Valentine’s Day Persona

Valentines Day Persona

This persona is the official theme for the Valentine’s Day holiday. Show your browser some love with this interactive theme that features great dining suggestions and gift ideas for your sweetheart. This persona even allows you to send eCards and shop for flowers right from your browser. If you’re feeling really crazy, you can even watch Valentine’s Day related videos in the sidebar. This is the Cadillac of Valentine’s day Firefox Personas and Themes. Get it today.

I love You Persona

I love you persona

You can’t get any more direct than that for Valentine’s Day. Say “I love you” with a browser and you’ll never need another Valentine’s Day gift again. OK, well maybe you will, but I think she’ll take notice when you add the I Love You theme to her Firefox browser.

Vintage Valentine Persona

Vintage Valentine Theme

Remember those classic Valentine’s Day cards with the light pink colors and classic cursive writing? For those with a more nostalgic feel, can grab this free vintage Valentine’s Day persona with candy hearts on the side.

Valentine’s Day Peonies

Valentine's Day Peonies Persona

Everyone knows that roses are the go-to flower for Valentine’s Day, but it might serve you well to think outside the box on this holiday. For instance, peonies are just as beautiful and show that you at least put some thought into your gift.

Chocolates and a Red Rose

Chocolates and a Red Rose Persona

Ah, now here is the typical gift we’re used to: flowers (specifically, roses) and chocolate. This Valentine’s Day browser theme is perfect for someone who likes a classic day of romance.

Golden Heart Explosion

Golden Heart Explosion Valentine

Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be all about the different shades of red and pink, as this Firefox browser theme attests. We’re still all about the hearts on this holiday, but why not shake it up with a little bit of gold? Maybe it will serve as a not-so-subtle to your significant other that you’re ready to take your relationship to the next – and biggest – level.

Love Birds Persona

Love Birds Persona

Show how much you’re in love with the “Love Birds” Firefox Persona. This lovely theme features two birds kissing against the backdrop of a pink heart for Valentine’s Day. This one is sure to get the appreciation of your other half.

Happy Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentines Day Persona

Here is a simple theme that we love, complete with an adorable little teddy bear. February is an especially good time to be a stuffed animal, and that holds true in this theme.

Be Mine Puppy

Be Mine Puppy Persona

Hey, guess what’s cuter than a puppy dressed as Cupid? Oh, that’s right – NOTHING. This Valentine’s Day Firefox persona is true cuteness overload, and it’s something you can leave up all year long.

Hearts & Flowers Fence

Hearts and Flower Fence

Remember when we said we liked alternative Valentine’s Day colors? Here’s a Firefox persona that gives you a little bit of everything. It’s a great design and offers a rainbow of colors that suggests your love should be as colorful as the persona itself (cheesy, we know).

Nike for Valentine’s Day

Nike for Valentines Day Persona

If you’re getting Nike shoes for Valentine’s Day, then you really do have a special someone. Whether you want to drop a pretty serious hint or you simply love exercising (and pretty sweet fashion), then make sure to download this Firefox persona today.

Bears in Love

Bears in Love Persona

The loving bears in this Firefox persona are admittedly cute, but we especially love this design for its plaid pink background, which really makes the whole thing stand out.

Find More of Your Favorite Valentine’s Day Firefox Personas and Themes

This, of course, is just a sampling of the Firefox personas and themes you can find that revolve around Valentine’s Day. As you get ready for the holiday, be sure to look around for your favorite theme – we guarantee it’s out there.

And if you don’t find a theme you absolutely love, why not create your own? With Brand Thunder’s BT:Engage feature, you can easily create your own Firefox Valentine’s Day theme in a matter of minutes. It doesn’t get much better than getting exactly what you want, especially on this holiday.

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