Where would we be without music? Most of us listen to it while we sit at our desks all day. Then we listen to it while driving. Then we listen to it while we work out. Then we listen to it while we hang out with friends. And so on and so on. You get the idea – we’re listening to music pretty much all the time, which is why music fans are passionate and expressive about what they like.

As big music fans ourselves, we’ve compiled a few of the best music artists Chrome themes out there (and yes, of course Justin Bieber is included). Check them out below:

Interactive Music Persona


If you consider yourself a fan of all genres, then this is the music theme for you. Not only can you listen to your favorite music right in the theme itself, but you also get quick access to the social media accounts of your favorite artists, bands, radio stations and more.

Machine Gun Kelly

machine gun kelly chrome theme

Fans of hip-hop likely know MGK’s name or music by now. The rise of this Cleveland-based rapper – from creating mixtapes to performing for sold-out shows and being signed by Bad Boy Records – is remarkable, and his music only continues to get better. His followers are known for being loyal, and this music Chrome theme lets the Lace Up community easily stay in touch with its main influence.

Bob Marley

bob marley_browser_chrome

Speaking of loyal fans, reggae legend Bob Marley has some of the most dedicated followers of all time. Though Marley passed away in 1981, his music lives on through multiple generations, which is a true testament to his influence.

John Lennon

john lennon browser theme

Continuing the trend of artists who passed away far too early, John Lennon continues to influence musicians and fans of all ages. This music Chrome theme celebrates the notion that there is always hope in the future, that there are better things ahead.

Kelly Clarkson

kelly clarkson browser theme

Kelly Clarkson continues to be one of the most successful recording artists following American Idol; in fact, sometimes it’s weird to even realize that she was once on that show, since so many who have appeared there have fallen into obscurity. She is a great musician in her own right, and this music artist Chrome theme celebrates that.

One Direction

One Direction Browser Theme

It’s great to see that boy bands are still alive and well, as One Directions’ massive popularity can attest. With this musical artists browser theme, fans of One Direction can love their favorite band while the rest of us can be nostalgic for the days of our famed boy bands (some of which are now getting back together because there isn’t much else to do).

Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato Theme

Who doesn’t love Demi Lovato or her inspiring story of redemption? It certainly helps that her music is tremendously catchy too and is great on The X Factor. Lovato has appeared to put her painful past behind her and is ready to focus on a strong career.

Mindless Behavior

Mindless Behavior Browser

Mindless Behavior has toured with some of the biggest names in the industry – the Backstreet Boys, Justin Bieber, Jason Derulo and more. They have also gone on their own 25-city tour, which means they are poised for a big breakout. Get this musical artist theme today and say you were a fan from the start.

Justin Bieber Browser

Justin Bieber Chrome theme

He may not exactly be garnering some great PR headlines these days, but there is no denying that Justin Bieber is one of the biggest acts in the world right now. Like so many pop stars before him, girls scream, shout and swoon with his every move and it doesn’t look like that will end anytime soon, no matter how fast he drives his car.

Scotty McCreery – American Idol

Scotty McCreery Theme

Winning American Idol certainly has its perks, but it doesn’t always guarantee major success; for Scotty McCreery, who has yet to turn 20 years old, it’s been a young career of highs. His albums have performed well and it seems like he has a long career ahead of him.

Other Trending Music Artist Themes

Lauren Alaina Theme

laurenalaina browser theme

Lauren Alaina and Wildflower. There’s no better Internet experience than enjoying the official theme for Lauren’s new album, easy access to Lauren’s site, latest news and more!

Jacob Latimore

Jacob Latimore browser

Il Volo

Il Volo browser

Your Internet browser will take flight with the theme from the hottest Italian trio in the World!

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