Internet Explorer 10Internet Explorer 10 (IE10) is currently the default web browser for the Windows 8 operating system, which is certainly no surprise. However, in Microsoft’s continued efforts to remain the major player in the browser game (depending on who you ask), IE10 is now being released on Windows 7.

With it comes a number of new features, including a faster speed and better overall performance. As you update your browser and are connected to the Internet better than ever before, now is the perfect time to update its look as well with a new IE10 theme.

Check out a few of Brand Thunder’s favorite Internet Explorer 10 themes below.

Neon Lights for IE 10

neon lights IE

What better way to celebrate your slick new browser than with a bright, sharp-looking theme? This IE10 theme, while providing quick access to Facebook, Twitter and top news features, will also make your browser look sleeker than ever.

Bob Marley Internet Explorer

Bob Marley for Internet Explorer

Though he passed away in 1981, the allure and popularity of reggae legend Bob Marley only continues to grow. With this theme, you can choose among four different layouts and get easy access to the best of

Starry Night Sky IE Theme

Starry Night Sky for IE 10

The “space” oriented themes seem to be some of the most popular Internet Explorer themes in our gallery and the “Starry Night Sky” theme for Internet Explorer 10 is one of the best. This IE theme makes it feel like you are floating through space with visions of stars, planets and other galactic objects. This is a must have theme for space lovers and Internet Explorer fans.  A match made in Space!

Matrix Code

Matrix Code for IE 10

Admit it – there was a time where you wished you could pull off the martial arts moves you saw in “The Matrix.” With this cool theme, it’ll be the closest you’ll ever get to actually living in the Matrix, which is probably a good thing.

San Francisco Giants for Internet Explorer

San Fran Giants IE 10

The Giants won the 2012 World Series and are looking to start the long process to a repeat performance. This is the team’s only official browser theme, which means you get breaking news, scores, theme-exclusive contests and much more.

Dragon Theme

Dragon Theme for IE

Add a little bit of fire to your browser with this dragon theme. Dragons continue to be a pop culture fixture and this theme gives you all the epic fire-breathing and color you’ll need.

Ambient Glow Colors

Ambient Glow Colors Theme for IE  10

If you’re looking for an IE10 theme that is much more soothing, these ambient colors should do the trick. That way, the next time you read the anonymous comments on a news article, these calming colors should prevent you from exploding with rage.

Chicago Blackhawks

Blackhawks IE 10 Theme

The Blackhawks’ epic point streak has caught the sports world by storm (you know it’s a big deal when even ESPN is talking about hockey). Whether you’re a fan of the Blackhawks, hockey or just amazing sports achievements in general, this is the theme for you.

Kelly Clarkson

Kelly Clarkson Theme for Internet Explorer

Kelly Clarkson continues to be one of the most successful pop stars working today, and she doesn’t show any signs of slowing down. Get breaking news about Kelly, easy access to Kellebrities, Facebook, Twitter and more with this Internet Explorer 10 theme that is STRONGER than the rest (get it?).

Classic Christmas for IE 10

Christmas Theme for IE 10

Brand Thunder has a wide variety of holiday browser themes, which are perfect any time of the year. With our Christmas theme, you’ll get everything from twinkling lights and holiday music to great shopping deals, a video sidebar for holiday features and more.

More IE 10 Compatible Themes

These are just “our” picks based on the popularity of the downloads from our gallery. If none of these fit your stye, not to worry. Brand Thunder has a huge gallery of Internet Explorer 10 compatible themes. Just navigate over to our gallery, do some surfing and install a theme that matches your personality. We’re sure to have something you like.

Internet Explorer Theme Gallery

Create Your Own IE10 Theme

Do you have a specific idea in mind for a browser theme, but can’t find it anywhere? With BT:Engage, you’ll never have to worry about that again, because we make it simple to create your very own IE10 themes.

And if you’re running a business, creating your own browser theme is a great way to increase online exposure and revenue. By sharing your theme with the online community, you’ll improve your presence in no time.

Learn More about Internet Explorer 10 for Windows 7

Though Internet Explorer 10 has been around on Windows 8 for months, Windows 7 users were previously left in the dust with only a preview version. Now, they’ll have full access to the new features of IE10, which include better web standards support, improved tab functions and a much faster overall speed (in a number of tests and studies, it is actually the fastest browser out there). Additionally, Microsoft says that users should experience a 20 percent increase in performance from IE10 compared to IE9.

Internet Explorer 10 also comes with improved features for web developers, as there is now better support for CSS 3, HTML5 and related APIs.

It does not, however, have a built-in Flash or PDF reader, though it will tell you if an add-on is slowing down your web browsing.

The new browser started as an optional update, but will end up as a completely silent background update for users of Internet Explorer 9. Though IE10 has taken a while to get to Windows 7 users, they will enjoy the better overall performance of this browser, along with its top-of-the-line security and privacy features.

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