top chrome themesThere are literally millions of different Chrome themes out there, covering just about everything imaginable. Some Chrome themes have developed a big-time following and have been downloaded by hundreds of thousands of users looking to turn their browsers into things of beauty. And if you want to be cool like everyone else, you’ll definitely want to try out some of the themes we’ve listed here.

We’ve compiled the top Chrome themes in the Chrome Web Store, ranked by highest number of users and then a list of some of Brand Thunder’s most popular Chrome themes of all time:

Porsche Chrome Theme

Porsche Chrome Theme

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that this is the top Chrome theme of all time. Since pretty much none of us can afford to actually buy a Porsche, downloading a Chrome theme of these cars is the next best thing, right?

Marc Ecko Chrome Theme

Marc Ecko Chrome Theme

Marc Ecko truly does a little bit of everything; he’s a fashion designer, entrepreneur, investor, artist and philanthropist. For those of you with big dreams of “making it,” this is a Chrome theme that should provide plenty of inspiration.

James White

James White Chrome Theme

James White is a visual artist from Canada who has created a simple, but powerful Chrome theme that more than 680,000 users have downloaded. To bring some slick design work to your browser, this is the perfect theme.

Splendid Chrome Theme

Splendid Chrome Theme

If you shop at Splendid, you will really like this theme. But what makes this one of the top Chrome themes is its calming design that reminds one of a carefree summer day.

Cath Kidston

Cath Kidston Chrome Theme

Cath Kidston is a vintage-inspired British lifestyle brand that creates a wide variety of household and fashion products. It’s a great design company, but the floral layout of this theme is loved by those who might not even be familiar with the brand.

Top Chrome Themes from Brand Thunder

NASA Interactive Theme

NASA space Chrome Theme

Explore the outer reaches of space in this great theme, which lets you choose a background from a variety of images. And if you’re a real space nut, you’ll love that you get easy access to the latest NASA news, videos and photos as well.

Neon Lights

NEON Lights Chrome Google

A great design and plenty of color often add up to a popular Chrome theme, and this neon-inspired look is no exception. If you stare at this design long enough it…almost…puts you in a trance.

MLB Chrome Themes

Houston Astros Chrome Theme

The Astros may not be going to the playoffs this year (okay, they’re definitely not), but at least their official browser theme looks great, right? Better yet, Brand Thunder has the official Chrome themes (and other browsers if you’re into that sort of thing) for all 30 MLB teams – you can check out the rest here.

Ohio State University

Ohio State University Chrome Theme

Buckeyes fans have plenty to be proud of these days, and this fall’s football team looks like it might be a championship contender. And for the rest of the college world, you can find your favorite school’s browser theme here.

Find More of the Best Chrome Themes

If you’re looking to find more of the top Chrome themes, you’ve got plenty of options. You can check out the Chrome Web Store and find more popular themes, and you can also search through Brand Thunder’s vast library of Chrome themes.

Happy hunting, Chrome theme fans!

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