Mozilla Firefox ZTE Open

The Firefox OS-based ZTE Open, a device that has really been making some noise for its developer-friendly perks (such as the inclusion of HTML5 apps), is now available in the United States and UK.

That’s right, you are able to purchase your very own ZTE Open phone, and the best part is that it won’t even matter what carrier you have, since it will be sold unlocked and off-contract.

But how is it available in the United States? Since its initial release, the ZTE Open has only been available in Spain, Venezuela and Columbia.

We have eBay to thank for this.

The virtual shopping giant took on the ZTE Open last month, selling it for a mere $80 in the hopes that a variety of people – from curious everyday users to hardcore developers – would give it a shot.

So far, they haven’t disappointed, as the phone first sold out in one weekend.

As it turns out, the price is right for the Firefox smartphone.

What Features Can You Expect from this Firefox OS Phone?

Of course, one of the biggest features with the ZTE Open is the utilization of HTML5, which allows apps to be easily adapted from Web apps and, best of all, can run on a variety of mobile platforms. This makes it especially easy for developers to create apps uninhibited by certain platform restrictions.

Other features of the Firefox smartphone include:

  • Built-in integration with Facebook and Twitter
  • Location-based services
  • The Firefox web browser, naturally, and access to the Firefox Marketplace for apps
  • 3G capabilities
  • 480×320 screen
  • A microSD memory slot
  • 3.15-megapixel rear camera
  • 1.0 GHz Cortex A5 processor and more

It will be interesting to see how the ZTE Open does in the United States in the long term, especially as it exists to be a great option for budget-conscious users who still want a smartphone. While that has flown in emerging markets (where smartphones are still considered a shiny new thing), it isn’t a proven method in the U.S., where the expensive carriers reign supreme.

Will people continue to be willing to test out this Firefox OS phone? It all comes down to the price (check) and the potential popularity of HTML5 apps, which will also be available through Amazon.

There are a few left floating around on eBay after the initial barrage of sales, but those will be sold soon as well. The ZTE Open is now in the United States and it appears to have a bright future.

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