There is nothing more awe-inspiring in this world than nature itself. From cavernous mountain ranges to swirling oceans and more, there is always something in nature that you’ve never quite seen before. That’s why nature wallpapers are some of the best options for your desktop. You can choose from literally anything – an entrancing sunset, your favorite region, colorful plant life and more.

See for yourself – take a look below at a few of the best HD nature wallpapers:

Sunset on the Oregon Coast

sunset oregon coast wallpaper 

The Pacific Northwest of the United States really doesn’t get its due as one of the most beautiful parts of the country. It may not be a popular travel destination for many people, but it really should be. If you’re looking for somewhere different to go that has plenty of natural wonders, Oregon should be at the top of your list.

Coral Reef Wallpaper

coral reef wallpaper

Our oceans give us some of the most vivid arrays of color in the world, and coral reefs are certainly no exception. With this free nature wallpaper taking up your desktop background, you will be mesmerized by the wild color and wide variety of ocean life on a daily basis.

Cherry Blossoms

Cherry Blossoms Wallpaper

If you’re lucky enough to live, work or even pass by some cherry blossoms each year, you know how beautiful they are once they bloom. Consider this nature desktop wallpaper your official countdown to spring.

Winter Sunset Wallpaper

Winter Sunset Wallpaper

We all might be looking forward to spring, but that doesn’t mean we can’t still appreciate the beauty of winter. Despite the occasionally bitter cold temperatures and plenty of post-holiday snow, few things are more serene than a winter sunset.

Wafting Wallpaper

Wafting Wallpaper of Nature

Is it just us, or do a lot of movies seem to take place in settings exactly like this? Regardless, a visit to the ocean is a must for anyone in his/her lifetime. The water, wind, and sunshine combine to create a feeling that simply can’t be matched anywhere else.

Sunflower Field

Sunflower Field Wallpaper

Unique and beautiful, sunflower fields are truly something to behold. Throw in a sunset on this golden field and you’ve got yourself the perfect nature desktop wallpaper.

Monument Valley Wallpaper

Monument_Valley Wallpaper

If you’ve never had the opportunity to visit the western region of the United States (we’re not talking California here, though it’s great in its own right), then you are missing out on some of the most beautiful landscapes you will ever see.

Aurora Borealis from Space

aurora borealis from space wallpaper

Many people have seen the northern lights, but few of us have seen this natural phenomenon take place from space. Now, with this nature desktop wallpaper, you can see what this amazing occurrence looks like from beyond our world.

Nature Wallpaper for your Browser

Sure, you can liven up your desktop with these amazing wallpapers, but what about your browser? You know, that bland boring looking gray bar across the top of your computer screen that you’re on 22 hours a day? Betcha didn’t know you could get an awesome new theme for that at still show your love of nature. Well, you can and here are some of the best nature-inspired browser themes:

Waterfalls Browser Theme

Waterfalls Nature Theme


Tulips Flowers Theme

Nature Browser Theme

Nature Browser Theme

Forest Sunlight

Forest Sunlight Theme

Check out even more nature-inspired browser themes for Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer in our Nature gallery.

Looking for More Nature Desktop Wallpaper?

Like what you see above, but are still looking for more of the best nature desktop wallpapers? Have no fear – we have plenty of other options for you. Search through the links below and find more nature wallpaper for your adventurous (or relaxed, daydreaming, etc.) spirit.

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