Android Themes PostIn this blog, we have talked a lot about the best themes for your web browser, whether it’s for Firefox, Internet Explorer or Google Chrome. We love the myriad of benefits that come from browser themes, especially the way in which you can completely enhance the style and functionality of your Internet experience.

And if you are a smartphone user, you can accomplish the same thing with mobile themes. You’re able to change the wallpaper of your phone, add in new icons and even alter its overall style. In other words, why stick to the same old design when you can spice up your Android phone?

We have put together a list of some of the best Android themes out there. They’re hip, fun and can easily fit any personality. Go ahead and take a look at some of the sites we’ve outlined below – you’re bound to find something that catches your eye.

Android Black Theme

This site offers a huge library of Android themes, covering all kinds of devices and operating systems. Whether you’re an Ice Cream Sandwich or Jelly Bean user, or you have the EVO 4G instead of the Galaxy S3, you will be able to find exactly what you’re looking for. Many of the Android themes here are modern-looking and simplified, giving your phone a sleek appearance.

MobyWare Theme


GOLockerPinkZebra Android Theme

There are plenty of Google Android themes that cater to lovers of the color pink, and this pink zebra theme from MobyWare is one of the most eye-popping ones out there. Complete with colorful wallpaper, fonts and icons, this is an Android theme that will make you feel bubbly all day long.

Jelly Bean Apex/Nova Android Theme

 Jelly Bean Apex Nova Android Theme

This Jelly Bean theme for the Apex and Nova Launchers has a little bit of everything, including a bunch of HD icons and15 high-quality HD wallpapers. With so many beautiful themes to choose from, you’ll have a hard time picking just one.


TSF Shell Perfect Android

With the holidays officially over, now is the time to set your sights on warmer weather (even though, for many of us, that possibility is still a few months away). With a Google Android theme like this, you’ll be dreaming of that trip you’ve always wanted to take.

Jelly Beans Go Launcher Theme

 Jelly Beans Go Launcher Android Theme

This is one of the best Android themes out there, mainly for its wide array of fun colors, and the sudden urge it might give a user to seek out some wild-tasting jelly beans. If you have the Jelly Bean operating system, you might be even more inclined to try this particular theme from, but it’s a great option for anyone.

Sunset Android Theme

Sunsets don’t get much more beautiful than this, especially when you’re stuck looking at the same gray sky throughout the winter (we really do love the winter here, but it’s hard to beat a good summer or fall sunset). With this Rabbit Launcher theme, you’ll get a great 3D theme and a host of icons, along with animated wallpaper, which will truly make you feel like you’re floating among the clouds.

 Thunderstorm Android Theme

If you love free Android themes (and, honestly, who wouldn’t?), then you’ll love this gallery. With themes like the one above – which comes complete with a backdrop of storm clouds, lightning and rain – you’ll be in awe of what kinds of things your phone can do. Live wallpapers are a lot of fun, and this is certainly one of the best ones out there. From

40 Free Minimalist Android Themes

 ADW_Fluxed Android Theme

Over at, they compiled a list of 40 of the best artsy, minimalist themes for Android. All of them are spectacular options for someone looking for a more understated theme, such as the one featured above (we are huge fans of the green textured background that complements the black icons).

After the Rain Theme

 After the Rain - Rainbow Theme Android

This Android theme from is a great piece of colorful graphic art. It’s minimalist, but at the same time has so much going on. With these unique graphics and a great set of icons, we’re sure that you’ll love this particular theme.

Batdroid Android Theme

 Batdroid Android Theme

Everybody loves Batman, right? In this theme from, he gets a bit of an Android makeover, resembling the company’s famous mascot against a backdrop of Gotham City. A combination of Google’s Android and Batman? What’s not to like?

Find More of the Best Android Themes

If you’re still looking for an Android theme that suits you, be sure to dig a little deeper, because there are literally a limitless number of options out there. You can always download themes for Android and test them out, too – many times you’ll find fun features you didn’t even know about.

Of course, if all of this talk about mobile themes has gotten you interested in revisiting your own browser theme, you’re in the right place. Brand Thunder has a huge gallery of browser themes, covering everything from fine art to your favorite sports teams (you can even create your own). Be sure to check us out!

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