On a scale of 1-10, your excitement for Christmas at this point of the year is around, what, a million?

The anticipation of Christmas is often just as great as the holiday itself, as you buy presents for loved ones, decorate your home in lights and a glorious tree, build a snowman in the front yard and more. The following Christmas desktop backgrounds can be added to your computer to help spread the spirit of the holiday both at home and at work, and should always keep you in a festive mood.

Merry Christmas!

Christmas Themes

Of course, if you love decorating your desktop background, then you’ll love decorating your browser as well, seeing as how you probably use it all the time. With a Christmas browser theme, such as Brand Thunder’s newest Christmas entry, you’ll be able to celebrate the holiday as you find gifts for loved ones online (thanks to shopping deals that can be instantly found in that same browser theme found above).

Christmas Browser Theme

Classic Christmas Browser Theme

You can find even more holiday browser themes and wallpaper here.

HD Christmas Wallpaper

If your computer has an especially good monitor, you’ll definitely want to outfit it with an HD Christmas desktop background this year. You paid good money for that monitor – let it be a feast for your eyes for the entire holiday season!

HD Santa Wallpaper


Santa HD Wallpaper Red


HD Snowmen Desktop Wallpaper

 Outdoor Snowman HD Wallpaper

Christmas Tree Desktop Wallpaper

Finding and decorating the perfect Christmas tree is one of the best aspects of the holiday. Organizing the decorations and making everything look just right is a great way for a family to spend time together, even as the holiday season does get more hectic. These particular Christmas tree desktop wallpapers showcase just a few of the beautiful ways in which this holiday staple can be decorated.

Christmas Tree Desktop Wallpaper

Snowy Christmas Tree Wallpaper

Merry Christmas Tree Desktop BackgroundChristmas Tree in the Woods Wallpaper

Christmas Lights Desktop Wallpaper

Whether they’re on a tree, in your home, outside your home or in your workplace, Christmas lights do a whole lot to bring holiday cheer. With beautiful colors that come in any combination and design (even fireplaces count as a beloved source of holiday light), these Christmas lights desktop backgrounds are perfect additions to your computer screen.

 Christmas Time is Here Wallpaper

HD Christmas Celebration Lights


Fireplace Background Wallpaper

christmas lights on snowy tree

Christmas Tree in Nature Desktop Theme

Christmas Present Wallpaper

Giving (and getting, of course) presents is one of the best things about the holiday season, and the following Christmas present wallpaper showcases the art and beauty of wrapping paper and perfectly placed gifts just waiting to be opened.

Big Christmas Present Wallpaper

Christmas Tree and Presents Wallpaper  Red Present for Christmas Desktop Theme

Gold Presents and Ornament for Christmas  Santa Hat and Presents Wallpaper


Other Festive Christmas Desktop Backgrounds

Christmas is celebrated in so many different ways, and there are so many fun aspects to the holiday for people to enjoy. These Christmas wallpapers cover just a few of the reasons why we hold this time of year to be something sacred, something fun, and something the whole family can take part in.

Traveling Christmas Tree

Traveling Christmas Tree Desktop Wallpaper

Merry Christmas Joker

Merry Christmas Joker Wallpaper

Christmas Champagne

Christmas Champagne Desktop Wallpaper

 Dress up the Snowman

 Dress up the Snowman Desktop Wallpaper


Christmas Cookies

Christmas Cookies Wallpaper Theme

Happy Santa Claus

Happy Santa Claus Desktop Wallpaper


Spread More Holiday Cheer with These Christmas Desktop Backgrounds

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