Sunrise desktop wallpaperThe perfect-looking, high-definition desktop wallpaper for your computer or mobile device can do wonders. It can put you in the right mood to start your day. It can motivate you to follow your dreams and meet your goals. It can put you in the holiday spirit. It can get you excited for your favorite sports team’s season or playoff push.

The list goes on, but the point is this: your desktop background is a large canvas upon which anything can be posted, so it’s important to find one that fits you. From an artistic perspective, it’s obvious then that there are millions of different background wallpapers from you to choose from. We’ve helped to narrow the list down for you by compiling five of the best wallpaper sites for 2013 (we did it for 2012 as well).

You’ll find just about anything you could want in these wallpaper sites, as each one is loaded with thousands of HD wallpapers across a huge variety of categories.  Don’t underestimate the power of a great high-definition desktop background. Be sure to find your next one with one of the best wallpaper sites out there.

Desktop Nexus

DesktopNexus Wallpaper site

With well over one million desktop wallpapers in categories that range from the abstract, animals and entertainment to nature, space, sports, technology and more, Desktop Nexus is easily one of the best places to find HD wallpapers for your computer. You can also upload and share your own wallpapers to help the site’s collection grow even larger.


VladStudio Wallpapers

Vlad Gerasimov is a graphic artist from Russia who produces some of the most visually stunning desktop wallpaper backgrounds you will ever see. In order to get every possible size he offers, you have to pay a small premium price, but many sizes are also available for free. If you’re looking for the best desktop wallpaper, you might just find it here.


Interfacelift Wallpapers

This wallpaper site’s best quality comes from a user’s ability to narrowly sort through the vast library and find exactly what he/she is looking for. Users can also submit and vote on already-submitted wallpapers to help make the selection even better. The end result is some truly stunning visual treats for your monitor’s background.

Simple Desktops


Sometimes, you just want a simple HD wallpaper that is full of color and has a wonderful design, but isn’t a distraction. If that is what you’re looking for, Simple Desktops might just be the best desktop wallpaper site for you.

The Paper Wall

the Paper Wall Desktop Wallpapers

The Paper Wall is a desktop background site that is all about giving users choices of great-looking wallpapers through a wide variety of categories. You’ll find beautiful, high-definition wallpapers across every resolution imaginable, easily making this one of your go-to wallpaper sites (there is also a NSFW option for those of you looking for a more adventurous/adult desktop background).

A Few More of the Best Wallpaper Sites

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