Believe it or not, even with the recent cold weather, Summertime is right around the corner. As we move through Spring and into the Summer season, we’ll begin to see more “Summer” oriented browser themes created by fans getting ready for some Summer fun. This week’s theme is a foreshadow to the Summer season with the “Summer Sunshine” theme for Firefox and Internet Explorer. This theme features an assortment of flowers and butterflies along with a shining gold light with hints of orange, gold and copper throughout. The colors fade from light to dark throughout the theme but still keeping a consistent feel throughout the entire theme. This is a great theme for fans who love colorful themes and a soothing background design.

Summer Sunshine

Summer Sunshine Browser Theme

Theme “Runner-Ups”

Pink Blossom

Pink Blossom Theme

Linkin Park Theme

Linkin Park Browser Theme

Oceanside Oregon

Oceanside Oregon Theme


Innocence Browser Theme

Book of Nature

Book of Nature Theme

Grasses Dew

Grasses Dew Theme


Injustice Among Us Theme

Cinema Lexzikon

Cinema Lexzikon Theme

Water Rose

Water Rose Browser Theme

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