We all like to stay informed, but with so many different news sources (and other distractions), it can be hard to keep up on a daily basis.Luckily, there are a variety of Chrome news extensions out there to help you sift through the online news clutter. With a news extension, you’re able to do everything from organizing your favorite RSS feeds to having your favorite site’s latest stories just one click away. It’s always important to stay up on the latest news, and now it’s easier than ever.

Be sure to check out some of the best Chrome news extensions below!

RSS Feed Reader

RSS Feed Reader Chrome Extension

Throughout the course of a day, you’re probably reading news from a wide variety of sites. Subscribing to RSS and Atom feeds is one of the best ways to organize your favorite news sites, and the RSS Feed Reader Chrome news extension is perfect for compiling all of them in one easily accessible place. With so many different available features, from instantly seeing when new posts are added to your feeds and organizing your feeds exactly how you want to choosing among three different themes and having the ability to export your feeds, there is no doubt newshounds will love this extension.

Fox News

Fox News Chrome Extension

Fox News is a behemoth cable news provider, dwarfing the other cable news networks in the ratings. It shouldn’t come as a surprise, then, that FoxNews.com has its own Chrome news extension as well. This official extension notifies users when stories are becoming popular and allows them to choose from a wide range of categories to get the personalized news they want.

Huffington Post Theme & Extension

Huffington Post News Chrome Theme

The Huffington Post is one of the World’s most established news brands with breaking news and insightful coverage of news, entertainment, and politics. This Chrome Extension created by us here at Brand Thunder, is also a visually appealing theme. You get the best of the Huffington Post right from your browser along with a professionally designed theme. This theme features quick links to the best of the Huffington Post along with a news ticker that updates with breaking news stories. You’ll never miss a breaking story and you’ll have a great looking theme for your Chrome browser with the Huffington Post Chrome Theme and Extension.

Bitcoin Chrome Extension

Bitcoin Extension - Chrome

There is no doubt that the Bitcoin is going to become a bigger and more controversial topic as more people become aware of what it is. If you already understand this revolutionary, evolving form of currency and want to be ahead of the curve as its popularity is due to soar even higher, be sure to download this extension. It gives you the current exchange rate of the Bitcoin (in a wide variety of currencies), along with a graph of the weighted exchange rate of the Bitcoin in the last 30 days.

Blogs of War

Blogs of War Chrome Extension

National security issues are especially important these days, in more ways than one, and this is one of the best Chrome news extensions for those of us who closely follow the intelligence and national security communities. This extension pulls from hundreds of global news sources and direct government news feeds to bring you the latest developments surrounding global conflicts, counter-terrorism, intelligence, hacktivism (Anonymous, Wikileaks), technology, defense, international affairs, journalism and more.

Bonus Extension

Rain Alarm Extension

Rain Alarm Chrome Extension

These days, we like to make major news out of just about every rain or snowstorm. While it’s sometimes warranted, more often than not the news has us desperately checking our radar maps in preparation for what ends up being a light drizzle or dusting. But with this news extension for Chrome, you’ll be able to clearly see impending precipitation, thanks to data originated from governmental weather services. You’ll also receive an in-browser alarm when the rain or snow is near your area. Big storms are certainly news, and with the Rain Alarm Extension, you’ll always be prepared.

More Chrome News Extensions

  • Google Chrome’s Official “News Reader” Extension – Display the latest stories from Google News in a Pop-up
  • Feedly Chrome Extension – A seamless transition from your Google Reader feeds, “Feedly” aggregates your favorite content with the visual appeal of a magazine with the convenience of a RSS reader.
  • Wall Street Journal – The official Chrome Extension for one of the leaders in World and US News and Business.
  • Wired Chrome Extension – In-depth coverage of the latest technology trends right from your Chrome Browser. Provides breaking news alerts on the latest tech gadgets and news.

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