Everyone loves the Smurfs, those little blue fictional characters that live in Mushrooms! So who doesn’t love the Smurfs celebrating Christmas?! This week’s browser “Theme of the Week” is a festive holiday theme for the Smurf fans out there. Theme designer “Madonna” has used a “Smurf Blue” background color that ties into the holiday imagery. She then places the lone Smurf upon a Christmas wreath hanging Christmas lights. It’s a fun and festive theme for the Holidays and a perfect choice for the Firefox and Internet Explorer Theme of the Week this week. Check out even more amazing themes below created last week by fans using http://bt-engage.com. Which one is your favorite?

Smurf Christmas

Smurf Christmas

Theme “Runner-Ups”

Peaceful Flight

Peaceful Flight

Elephant Family

Elephant Family Theme

Despicable Me 2

Despicable Me 2 Browser Theme

Geared Up!

Geared Up Browser Theme

Cold Christmas Owl

Cold Christmas Owl Theme

Caroling Penguins

Caroling Penguins Browser Theme

Shiina Mashiro

Shiina Mashiro Theme

Create your own theme

Looking for something to spice up the look of your boring gray Firefox or Internet Explorer browser? Feel free to check out the Brand Thunder gallery or simply create your own. Using BT:Engage fans can create a theme customized to their very own design. It’s simple. Just sign up for an account, start uploading your graphics, align the images, insert quick links to the sites you visit the most like Facebook and Twitter, and then publish the theme. You can share it with friends, family or with others from around the world. There are literally hundreds and hundreds of new themes created each month fans like you. Have fun!

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