Love is in the air these days, and we know how much you want the world (even if it’s your own world) to know when you’ve found that special someone. With free Valentine’s Day wallpapers, you’ll be able to completely surround yourself with all things love-related, especially if you spend most of your day around a computer.

February is a good month – it’s short, near the end of winter and gives you an excuse to show your significant other plenty of love (as if you need one…right?). Be sure to celebrate this great time of the year with any of the free Valentine’s Day wallpapers below.

Lacy Hearts Valentine’s Wallpaper

Lacy Hearts Wallpaper

The idea of lace on Valentine’s Day might, um, conjure up some other images in your mind, but here are some beautifully-designed lacy hearts for the rest of you without your minds in the gutter. A lot of pink and giant hearts – this might just be a perfect Valentine’s Day wallpaper. Download for free.

Lovebirds Wallpaper

Lovebirds valentine wallpaper

This Valentine’s Day wallpaper is for those of you who happen to be in the lovey-dovey stage of a relationship. You know, the kind where you and your boyfriend/girlfriend just can’t keep your hands off each other. This is one of the best stages of a relationship, and with this wallpaper, you can celebrate it as long as you want.

Pink Valentine

Pink Valentine Wallpaper

In this free wallpaper, these cute little Cupids will help you celebrate Valentine’s Day. Typically, Cupid is depicted as something of a chubby little cherub. We think we like these guys and gals much better.

Heart-Shaped Valentine

Heart-Shaped Valentine

A lot of people get roses on Valentine’s Day, but a heart-shaped bouquet of roses? Now that is unique. Put this Valentine’s Day wallpaper on your desktop and drop the hint to your special someone that you might just like a gift like this.

Love in the Clouds

love in the clouds wallpaper

This is the perfect Happy Valentine’s Day wallpaper for those of us who can’t stop looking up at the clouds on a bright, sunny day. And when you’re in love, you pretty much see it everywhere.

“I Love You” Notes

Valentine Wallpaper Love Notes

We like to think that this is pretty cute love wallpaper, but we also realize that this could be the work of a psychopath. If your boyfriend or girlfriend writes “I Love You” on a hundred little scraps of paper, it’s adorable. If your creepy neighbor leaves you a hundred “I Love You” notes on little scraps of paper, well, it’s more than a little concerning.

Wallpaper Valentine

Wallpaper Valentine

We dare you to not think this is one of the cutest things you’ve ever seen. A fluffy purple creature with heart-shaped eyes and tentacles that end in hearts? And it’s clutching a big red heart too? Add this to your desktop for a serious overload of cuteness.

The Bunny Who Loved Me

 Bunny who loved me Wallpaper

This funny Valentine’s Day wallpaper shows just what kind of lengths some of us will go to in order to show our love for someone. This rabbit has the right idea: if you really want to get someone’s attention, try floating into space.

Happy Valentine’s Day Wallpaper

happy valentines day wallpapers

This free wallpaper sure is symbolic. We’re all looking for someone to capture our heart, often searching through a crowded dating scene just to find anyone with whom we share a common interest. It will happen eventually, and when it does, it feels pretty darn good.

Almost Perfected Valentine’s Heart

Almost perfected Heart Valentine Wallpaper

We’re always trying to perfect our heart and our feelings. And though we might get close, it’s impossible to perfect it. We’re subject to the craziness of love like everyone else. So why not embrace it?

Valentine’s Day Wallpaper for your Browser

Sure, you’ve dressed up your desktop with these amazing Valentine’s Day Wallpapers but what if you could dress up your browser too? Well, you can! Brand Thunder has the OFFICIAL Valentine’s Day browser theme whether you are on a Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer browser. The best part about this theme is that it’s not just a great design; this theme features great dining suggestions, Valentine’s Day videos in the sidebar, and even send your sweetheart an eCard or shop for flowers right from your browser! Check out the Valentine’s Day theme for Chrome, Firefox or IE:

valentine's day theme

Find More Valentine’s Day Desktop Wallpaper

Still haven’t found the wallpaper that best encapsulates your eternal love for all things love-related? Have no fear, because there are so many more for you to choose from. Here, take a look at some of our favorite collections of love-themed wallpaper. We hope this is your final stop looking for the best Valentine’s Day Wallpaper from around the Internet!

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