firefox-fireworldThe best web browsers in the world offer a little bit of everything, from speed and security to reliability, access to great extensions, a wide variety of customized themes and more.

It’s no wonder, then, that fans are so intent on showing their support for their favorite browsers. This is no different for Firefox aficionados either, because there is an endless number of great Firefox desktop wallpapers out there to satisfy every kind of user.

We found ten of our favorites and included them below, along with links to so many different Firefox wallpapers that it will be impossible to choose just one. Literally impossible.

Firefox on the Beach

firefox on the beach wallpaper

You love Firefox and, like just about everybody else, you probably love the beach too. Why wouldn’t you? With this Firefox desktop wallpaper, you can combine two of your biggest loves, and it might just provide that extra motivation to get through this especially brutal winter.

Firefox and Atlas

Firefox and Atlas wallpaper

Though Atlas is often depicted as holding up the Earth, holding up Firefox might be an even more important task these days. A lot of work goes into making Firefox safe – we have the cyber criminals of the world to thank for that – but there is plenty of help along the way to accomplish that.

Firefox in Your Hands

Firefox in your Hands

It may sound corny, but when you browse the Internet, you literally have the world in the palms of your hands. Think about it for a second – anything you want is easily accessible in a matter of seconds. When in the history of time has that been even remotely possible? With this Firefox wallpaper, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to reflect on what we have in front of us these days.

Firefox Splatter

Firefox Splatter Wallpaper

Here is a hip, almost avant-garde interpretation of the Firefox logo. It still maintains most of the qualities of the original look; it just has a splatter paint look added to it that is familiar to many of us who have stood in an art museum and said, “They call that art?”

A True Firefox

Real Firefox Fox

This Firefox desktop wallpaper gets literal with its name – it’s a depiction of, you guessed it, a fox on fire. It’s a very cool look and a different way to show off your love for the browser (and actual foxes).

Rowing Firefox

Rowing Mozilla Firefox Wallpaper

We dare you to think that this cartoon fox is not one of the cutest things you’ve ever seen, floating along in his little red boat among a sea of leaves, and with a fiery tail to boot.

Firefox Chain

Firefox Chain
photo by flod

If you’re tired of looking at the Firefox logo in the same way, here is a real-life version of it, with added details to give it a different, more realistic look. By the way, does anyone happen to own one of these keychains?

Firefox Worldwide

Firefox Worldwide Wallpaper
photo by projectarchive

We could go into a long thing about how we like this Firefox wallpaper for its symbolization of the browser’s global presence and underlying theme that the Internet makes the world a smaller, more accepting place, but really, we just love this different interpretation of the Firefox logo.

Safe Browsing

Safe Browsing Firefox Wallpaper

If you like your Firefox wallpapers to be a little more risqué, this is the one for you. A play on Firefox’s strong security against malware and other malicious sites, the wallpaper above pretty much speaks for itself. Though, if you need an explanation of the joke, you’re either too young or exceptionally innocent.

Ultimate Firefox Wallpaper


There isn’t anything outrageously different about this Firefox wallpaper, but we love its design, which does set it apart from the rest. The logo in the corner, along with an understated but perfectly accentuating background, makes this wallpaper one of our favorites.

Dress Up Your Firefox Browser

So you’ve found a Firefox Wallpaper to dress up your desktop, but what about your Mozilla browser? If you haven’t dressed up your browser with a theme yet, you are missing out! Firefox is customizable and is ready for you to take it to the next level. Check out this gallery of free Firefox themes that will allow you to show your personality on your browser. From your favorite school, sports team, movie or design, you’ll find something that you’ll love in our gallery.

baseball firefox browser theme

Find More Firefox Desktop Wallpapers

We’ve shown you ten of our favorite Firefox wallpapers, but there are so many more to choose from. Firefox users are nothing if not incredibly passionate, and the ever-growing library of fun Firefox desktop wallpapers only furthers that notion.

Be sure to check out more wallpapers here:

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