Safari Themes - appleFor years, Apple users have known about the power of the Safari browser; its slick interface, blazing speed, secure browsing environment, and innovative features that makes Safari a top tier browser. But the one thing that Safari users didn’t have a wealth of access to were browser themes to liven up the otherwise boring Safari interface. Let’s face it, most browsers lack the design aesthetic and focus on the features, speed and security. That’s fine, but if you want to look at something fun on the new tab, you’ll want to spice up your browser with browser themes for the new tab page. Safari themes have been harder to come by in years past compared to their competitors (Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer) but those days are now over. Brand Thunder now has a full gallery of Safari browser themes for your new tab page enjoyment. It’s never been easier to enjoy themes for your Safari browser’s new tab. Let’s take a look:

Safari Browser Theme

Brand Thunder has worked with some of the largest brands in the world from entertainment, news and sports to bring you Safari new tab themes for the brands. GoComics creates some of the most recognized comic strips in the world including Get Fuzzy, Ziggy, Frazz and more. Each one of these comics is now available in the form of a Safari new tab theme.

MLB Safari Theme

Major League Baseball commissioned Brand Thunder to create browser themes for all 30 MLB teams. These themes included all the favorites from Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari. If you’re a sports fan and especially a MLB fan, you’ll love the gallery of MLB Safari Themes. Each theme comes equipped with the official team logos with quick links right in the Safari browser to the latest news, scores, highlights, trade news and links to the team’s official websites. Take a look at some of the MLB Safari themes for the new tab, just replace your favorite team in the URL:

Safari Theme Gallery

The above Safari themes are just a sampling of what’s available in the vast Safari gallery available on Brand Thunder. Choose from hundreds of your favorite sports teams, entertainment stars, comic strips and even holidays. One of the most popular browser themes every year is the Neon Lights browser theme. This theme is now available for Safari users:

Neon Lights theme for Safari

How to Install a Safari New Tab Theme

Installing a Safari theme is quick and easy and you’ll be basking in the sights of  your new theme in just a minute. Here’s a step by step for installing a new Safari Theme:

1. Visit the Gallery and pick a new tab theme you like.

2. Follow the instructions on the page!

Screen Shot 2016-08-15 at 8.45.30 AM

3. Enjoy!


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