philadelphia flyers themeThe NHL playoffs are, by far, the best playoffs of any major sport. Unlike any other sport, an eight-seed has just as good a chance to win the Stanley Cup as a No. 1 seed. Solid goal-tending and a suffocating defense make all the difference in the NHL playoffs and a team hot in those areas can easily go on a championship run, no matter where it is seeded.

That’s why if your team is in the playoffs, you can never take a game off as a fan, even in the first round. It’s a constant slog, which only makes the Cup victory that much sweeter. So who is going to win it all this year?

Here’s a look at Brand Thunder’s 2013 playoff-bound NHL browser themes (which offer direct access to team sites, social media channels, news, features and more):

Chicago Blackhawks

chicago blackhawks NHL theme

The Blackhawks steamrolled through the league in a shortened season, losing only seven games. The playoffs are a different beast, though, and the team has to be careful in avoiding a letdown. Still, this is one NHL theme bound to go far.

Pittsburgh Penguins

Pittsburgh-Penguins-Chrome Theme

Of all our NHL browser themes, none might have a better chance of winning it all than the Pittsburgh Penguins. At one point in the season, they won 15 straight games and then picked up Jarome Iginla as an added scoring threat. This team is built to win the Cup.

Washington Capitals

Washington Capitals NHL Theme

The Capitals – led by Alexander Ovechkin – seem to always fall short of expectations, but they closed out the season 8-1-1 and are playing some of their best hockey of the year. For a sleeper team NHL browser theme, Washington could be the way to go.

St. Louis Blues

st. Louis Blues Browser Theme

The Blues are another team entering the playoffs on a hot streak, which is a great indicator for success. They are matched up with the defending Stanley Cup champions, the Los Angeles Kings, but to be the best, you should have to beat the best.

Montreal Canadiens

Montreal Canadiens NHL Theme

This is one of our favorite hockey browser themes. Not only is it great supporting a Canadian team, but Montreal is one of the best franchises in NHL history, and the playoffs just feel better whenever they’re in the chase for the Stanley Cup.

Minnesota Wild

Minnesota Wild Browser Theme

The Wild had to win on the last day of the season in order to make the playoffs, but they did and that’s all that matters. Of course, they’re matched up with the Blackhawks, which is no easy task, but everyone loves an underdog.

Honorable Mention: Columbus Blue Jackets

Columbus Blue Jackets Browser Theme

The Blue Jackets tied the Wild in points, but lost on tiebreakers and finished in ninth place in the West. But no one expected this young team to be anywhere near the playoffs this season, and with the emerging dominance of goalie Sergei Bobrovsky, this is a team – and hockey browser theme – that should be in the playoff discussion for years to come.

More NHL Themes

For a full list of the OFFICIAL themes for the NHL teams and playoffs, check out our NHL Gallery:

Brand Thunder’s Stanley Cup Champion Prediction: Pittsburgh Penguins

The Penguins and Blackhawks finished #1 and #2 in scoring this season, respectively, which should set them up for an epic Stanley Cup Finals showdown. The Blackhawks had better goal-tending overall, but the Penguins are more than capable of pulling off the upset and look primed to do so.

Which hockey browser theme will you be supporting this postseason?

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