Fans of classic cars and generally fun summertime automobiles will love this week’s browser theme of the week; the Pink Studebaker theme. This model of the Studebaker is a late 1950’s model with a bright pink body and shiny chrome accents. The theme designer, Gambat, uses a sky blue color for the rest of the theme to really help make the pink on the Studebaker stand out. For classic car lovers, there isn’t a better theme for your browser. Check out the Pink Studebaker theme for Internet Explorer and Firefox browsers:

Pink Studebaker

Pink Studebaker browser theme

Theme “Runner-Ups”


Stormfront theme

Mustang Cobra

Mustang Cobra

Heaven’s Door

Heavens Door

Ka Tao

Ka tao Theme

Blooms – Black and White

Blooms Black and White

Lee Joon

Lee Joon Browser Theme

Perfect Click

The Perfect Click theme

Admiring Roses

Admiring Roses

Create your Own “theme of the week”

The themes featured in our “theme of the week” posts are created by browser theme fans just like you. Brand Thunder has created a simple theme tool to help you create and customize your Firefox or Internet Explorer browser just the way you like it. Upload your images, choose background colors and even add quick links to your favorite sites like Facebook and Twitter right in your browser. Don’t rely on someone else to create a theme for you, customize your browser today with Brand Thunder’s theme tool,

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