Ohio-State - Buckeyes LogoWhen it comes to dedicated fan bases in college sports, few can match the fierce pride and excitement unleashed by fans of The Ohio State University Buckeyes.

And for good reason. Ohio State boasts some of the best teams across many different sports, including football and basketball. With national championship contenders nearly every year, Buckeye fans almost always have a team to cheer on the big stage.

That’s why collected our favorite Ohio State University downloads – from browser themes and wallpapers to Facebook themes, mobile apps and more – to ensure that Buckeye fans are always connected to the school and properly displaying their pride.

Not that Ohio State fans have ever had much trouble with that.

Ohio State Browser Themes

Downloading an Ohio State theme is the best way to decorate your entire browser in Buckeye pride. They’re easy to install and some even give you instant news on your favorite teams, along with quick links to the school’s Facebook and Twitter pages.

If you’re getting pumped for the upcoming college sports seasons, there’s no better way to celebrate than with a brand-new, great-looking Ohio State browser theme.

The Official Ohio State University Browser Theme

Buckeyes browser theme

Ohio State Buckeyes Logo Browser

Brutus Buckeye Browser Theme

Buckeyes Gray Browser Theme

Brutus Buckeye

Buckeyes Helmet Firefox Theme

Script Ohio State Buckeyes Firefox

Ohio State Firefox Theme

Create Your Own Ohio State Browser Theme

Finding a great Ohio State theme is fun, but you know what’s even better? Creating your own browser theme. In just a few ridiculously easy steps, you can create your own Ohio State browser theme using BT:Engage. And when you’re finished, be sure to share it online so every other Buckeyes fan out there has a chance to show his/her pride through your theme.

Ohio State Desktop Wallpapers

Desktops have such beautiful resolutions these days, so why not take advantage of it? Ohio State – from the campus to Ohio Stadium – offers a limitless number of perfect photo opportunities, and displaying one as your desktop wallpaper is a great way to get excited about going to school there, to remember your favorite moments from college or to just show your support for your favorite team.

The horseshoe entrance - Ohio State

Buckeye Football Wallpaper

Buckeyes Football Field Wallpaper

Script Ohio & Horseshoe - Ohio State

Ohio State Buckeyes Wallpaper

2013 Ohio State Buckeyes Football Schedule

Braxton Miller Wallpaper

Ohio State Facebook Themes

Ohio State Buckeyes Facebook Theme

You probably visit Facebook a few hundred times a day like the rest of us, so why not customize that too? Facebook’s cover photo and sidebars offer plenty of opportunities for a great theme, and you can see that the Ohio State Facebook theme above certainly takes advantage of it.

Ohio State iPhone Wallpapers

Of course, you can also customize the look of your mobile device, and Ohio State iPhone wallpapers offer a wide assortment of options. From a flag-waving Brutus to the university’s crest, you will now be reminded of where you come from every time you use your phone (which is a lot, we’re guessing).

Brutus Buckeyes iPhone Wallpaper
Aaron Craft iPhone Wallpaper

Ohio State University iPhone Wallpaper

Brutus Buckeye iPhone

Buckeyes Football Helmet iPhone

Ohio State Mobile Apps

Ohio State Buckeyes Mobile App

Cleveland.com (powered by The Plain Dealer) provides some of the best, most comprehensive Buckeyes coverage out there, making its Buckeye football mobile app the perfect download for any fan. It offers everything from news, photos and videos to real-time stats, scores, Twitter updates and more.

OSU School Mobile App

Now, Ohio State students can carry everything about the school right in their pockets, from viewing their grades to finding the nearest place to eat. With a bus locator, maps, news, events and so much more, this is a great app. But what obviously makes this a must-have app is the link to Buckeye athletics!

Ohio State Buckeye Sports app

Maybe you’re not an Ohio State student and just want your 24/7 access to the school’s sports teams. You’re in luck! This Ohio State app gives you headlines and news updates, live game scoring and stats, on-demand video, photo galleries, an alert system, Twitter integration and more. When you’re on the go and need to follow your team, Ohio State has you covered. An iPad version of this app is also available.

Find More Ohio State Downloads

Whether it’s Ohio State desktop wallpaper, browser themes, iPhone wallpapers or more, there are tons of other Buckeye fans out there searching for the same thing, which means you have plenty of resources to help you find what you want. Here are a few more places where you can find the best Ohio State downloads:

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