Another day, another browser market share study. And if you’re a Google Chrome user, you’re going to like what you hear.

In a recent Shareaholic report, Chrome is dominating the market share with 34.68%, doubling Firefox’s market share (16.60%) and far exceeding Internet Explorer’s, which sits at 15.62%. And over the past nine months (the study goes through September 2013), Chrome has enjoyed a 15.64% increase, which is worth noting because Firefox (-11.60%) and Internet Explorer (-23.81%) are losing some serious ground. Here are some of the biggest takeaway’s from the Shareaholic browser usage report:

  • The Top 4 Browsers Account for 80% of the market – Chrome, Firefox and IE dominate the browser market with the rest of the community (Safari, Opera, etc.) taking just 20% of the rest of the market.
  • The Android browser grew the fastest over the course of 2013 with an almost 27% growth rate, followed by Chrome.
  • Half of the browsers tracked are in decline – Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera and Opera mobile all saw sharp declines thus far in 2013. As you might expect, Internet Explorer saw its market share shrink to just 23.81%.

shareaholic's web browser data 2013

Shareaholic’s report tracked the browser usage of 250 million people using a network of 200,000 publishers. The folks over at Dazeinfo point to a number of reasons that have led to Chrome’s dominance, including:

  • Chrome, like Firefox, is available for a wider system of users, including those who use Windows, Mac, and Linux machines
  • It’s available in nearly 50 languages
  • It rewards users for finding bugs in the browser
  • It’s simply faster, with better loading speeds and an overall better browsing experience

browser market share 2013 - dazeinfo

Why Chrome & Firefox?

Firefox, with plenty of impressive features of its own (including its availability in 78+ languages) and many that it shares with Chrome, shouldn’t be a surprise as the second most popular browser. Between the two of them, they capture 51.28% of the market.

So here’s the question: is Google Chrome your favorite browser? Why is it your favorite?

It’s hard for people to make the switch to a new browser, and many other people are using multiple browsers a day anyway, especially if they’re jumping between different devices. But when it comes to overall speed and performance, it’s very hard to go wrong with either Chrome or Firefox, though Internet Explorer has done all it can in recent years to try and eliminate its own stigma.

At Brand Thunder, we’ve witnessed first hand the growth in popularity of the Chrome browser through our distribution of Chrome themes to browser fans from around the world. Since 2007, our team has created browser themes and custom branded browser themes for the major Internet browsers, starting with Internet Explorer and Firefox and then quickly to Google Chrome shortly after the browser’s release. In the past couple of years, we’ve seen the demand for Google Chrome themes increase faster than the other major browsers (IE, Firefox and Safari). One can only assume the growth will continue over the next year or so until one of the other major browsers makes as big of a push as Chrome.

Chrome Themes

Washington Redskins Chrome Theme

For now, though, people are digging what Chrome is offering, and the major browsers are continuing to pull away from the competition. As of this study, Chrome, Firefox, IE and Safari accounted for more than 80% of the total share of browsers preferred by users around the world.

And no matter what browser you’re using, ask yourself: why? What about it makes it your favorite browser? Is it speed? Security? A plethora of great extensions?

A lot of one’s decision simply comes down to personal preference and one’s online needs, but as we always say, when so many browsers are competing for your attention, everyone wins.

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