Firefox for AndroidIn many ways, the mobile browser world is even more competitive than the desktop browser world, which is essentially dominated by the Big Three (Google Chrome, Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox). But with many other viable mobile browser options vying for the attention of users, the usual browser giants have had to step up their game in order to attract a following on other devices.

Now that it has expanded its compatibility to 15 million devices (offering solid performance on two- and three-year-old hardware), Firefox for Android is becoming a mobile web browser to watch.

Features such as per-tab private browsing and desktop-to-mobile syncing have made Firefox for Android a desirable pick, as have the typical promises of speed and overall security.

But what really sets this apart as a fun browser is the inclusion of themes.

Firefox Mobile Themes

Themes are incredibly popular on desktop clients, as users are able to change the entire look of a browser, incorporating everything from sports teams and celebrities to depictions of art, holidays and so much more.

Now, all the fun of customization has finally been added to Firefox’s Android world. With Firefox themes for Android, a user can now create a mobile browser that perfectly fits his/her personality.

It’s simple to do – just visit on your Android device and click on the Themes tab. Search through the library, find a theme you like and click “Keep it.” It’s just that easy.

Firefox Theme for Android

Get Your Firefox Themes for Android Today

With minimum device requirements that include a processor of 600MHz or faster, many Android users have now been opened up to this mobile browser. And with the added ability to customize the browser’s look, it should only become more popular as time goes on.

If you’re an Android user, be sure to check out your new Firefox mobile themes and see what you’ve been missing.

Dark Firefox Theme for Android

Dark Firefox theme for Android

Nightly and Aurora Firefox for Android

Nightly and Aurora Firefox for Android

Firefox Robot for Android

Firefox Robot for Android

Endless Possibilities

Endless Possibilities Firefox for Android

Speakercloud by Zeptonn for Android

Speakercloud by Zeptonn Theme

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