yankees themeSpring Training is in full swing, which means it’s time for baseball fans to finally come out of hibernation. And what better way to get excited for the new season than with some new MLB wallpaper? From team logos and mascots to stadiums, players and more, there is wallpaper that celebrates literally every aspect of the game we love.

We’ve included a few of our favorite Major League Baseball wallpapers below, with plenty of links as to where you can find more.

Batter up!

San Francisco Giants

San Francisco Giants Wallpaper

We couldn’t possibly talk about Major League Baseball wallpapers without mentioning the World Series champions. With a tremendous pitching staff and timely hitting – particularly from Pablo Sandoval – the Giants are once again at the top of the baseball world. Can they do it again in 2013?

Justin Verlander

Justin Verlander MLB Wallpaper

Is Justin Verlander the best pitcher in the game? With his durability and performance, it’s hard to say no, and we’re pretty sure he’s got a World Series championship waiting for him somewhere in his future.

Cincinnati Reds

Cincinnati Reds Wallpaper

The Cincinnati Reds had another great season in 2012, only to see it cut short (again). They remain contenders in 2013 and continue to boast one of the best fan bases in the game, so it’s time to get on the bandwagon with this MLB wallpaper.

Derek Jeter

Derek Jeter Wallpaper

Over the course of his career, Derek Jeter has solidified himself as one of the greatest players to ever live. His time in baseball is winding down, and the aging New York Yankees’ window of opportunity is closing as well, but it’s hard not to appreciate everything Jeter has done for the game, especially when so many other big-name players throughout the years have been brought down by performance-enhancing drugs.

Progressive Field

Progressive Field Cleveland Indians Wallpaper

Surprisingly, the Cleveland Indians were big spenders this offseason, overhauling a middling team and turning it into, dare we say, a contender. As far as baseball desktop wallpapers go, this is one for the most optimistic of fans.

Fenway Park

Fenway Park Boston Red Sox Wallpaper

Aside from Wrigley Field, this might be the most legendary park in all of baseball. There aren’t many things more beautiful than Fenway Park at sunset, and this MLB wallpaper is sure to get Red Sox fans excited for another pennant-chasing summer.

Tampa Bay Rays

Tampa Bay Rays Wallpaper

For a small-market team with a very modest payroll, the Rays have done very well for themselves in the often-loaded AL East. Of course, it helps to have stars like Evan Longoria and David Price on your roster.


Sluggerr KC Royals Wallpaper

Somewhat lost in the fray of the offseason is the fact that, on paper, the Kansas City Royals are also a much-improved team. With an already strong offense, the Royals bolstered their pitching staff in order to make a run at the division this season. Your mascot, Sluggerrr, is pumped in this baseball wallpaper, Royals fans – are you?

Nations of Baseball

Nations of Baseball Desktop Wallpaper

Ever wondered about the scope of every team’s influence? This map offers a cool look at the popularity of each Major League Baseball team by region (obviously, the Yankees have a much larger influence overall, when not confined to just one region).

MLB Logo

Major League Baseball MLB Wallpaper

Maybe you’re just a fan of Major League Baseball in general (and why wouldn’t you be?). If you don’t have a favorite team, or you’re just excited about the return of America’s true pastime in any way, shape or form, then this is the perfect desktop wallpaper for you.

MLB.com Wallpaper for Your Browser

Ok, so you’ve dressed up your desktop with your favorite MLB team, player or stadium, but what about your browser? You know, that boring gray thing at the top of your screen that you use to browse the web? Did you know you can customize your browser to showcase you love of baseball and your favorite MLB.com team? Not only do the browsers come with team logos and colors, they have widgets with quick access to the latest team news, scores, trade rumors and links to purchase tickets and team gear! Check out some of the most popular wallpapers for your browser:

New York Yankees

NY Yankees browser wallpaper

Boston Red Sox

Boston Red Sox Wallpaper for your Browser

Detroit Tigers

Detroit Tigers Wallpaper Browser

Cleveland Indians

Cleveland Indians Browser Theme

—> Find even more browser themes and wallpaper for your browser on the OFFICIAL MLB.com website: http://mlb.mlb.com/fan_forum/browsertheme_mlb.jsp <—-

More MLB Desktop Wallpapers

Having baseball desktop wallpaper is a great way to show your support and talk smack to everyone you know, from family and friends to co-workers. Be sure to find your favorite team or player today!

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