This was another great week in user-submitted browser theme designs, with a number of themes that should qualify for the “theme of the week”. But we have to just pick one and this week we choose a theme for the lovebirds out there from theme designer “Gambat” called the “Love Birds” browser theme. Gambat uses two swans’ necks and beaks to form the image of a heart. It’s a subtle addition but one that works perfectly for the theme. Gambat uses nice soft tones in the background to really accentuate the images of the swans and the outline of a heart is a nice subtle addition. This might be a great theme right around Valentine’s Day to compliment our Valentine’s Day theme, or for any day of the year for the lovebirds out there!

Love Birds Theme

Love Birds Browser Theme

Theme “Runner-Ups”

The Cool Chicken

The Cool Chicken Theme


Jägermeister Theme

Floating Flower Beauties

Floating Flower Beauties Theme

World in Your Hand

World in your hand theme

Butterfly Sparkle Trail

Butterfly Sparkle Trail

Dream in a Bottle

Dream in a Bottle theme

Manic Subersion Get Up and Dance

Manic Subersion Get Up and Dance

US Constitution Theme

US Constitution

American Football Theme

american football  browser theme

Tony Anime Art

Tony Anime Art Theme

Magic Eyes

Magic Eyes Browser

The Lion King

The Lion King Browser Theme

Boston Celtics Browser Theme

Boston Celtics Browser Theme

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Can you believe that each one of the amazing themes above were created for free using our browser theme tool, Fans from around the world have continued to use our theme creator to create custom themes for their Firefox and Internet Explorer browsers. Build your own in just minutes by creating a free account, choosing your background colors, and uploading your favorite graphics or images to the theme. Our drag and drop functionality allow you to easily position images and designs where you want them on the theme. Then submit the theme to our gallery to be considered for the “theme of the week” and showcase your browser theme to thousands of fans from around the world!

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