Chrome logoLet’s say you have opened your Chrome browser and it’s gone. Your favorite theme is suddenly missing, nowhere to be found.

While that may make you want to freak out and panic over its absence, there is no need to throw yourself into an uncontrollable fit of anger. Having problems with Chrome isn’t fun, but this is an easy fix.

It all stems from the release of Chrome 25, which essentially got rid of any extensions that weren’t directly downloaded from the Chrome Web Store. While this is a frustrating development, Google’s intentions were good. In the effort to increase security, Google recognized that malware and other malicious software can be passed through other extensions and have attempted to monitor that more closely.

Unfortunately, this move has affected trustworthy providers of Chrome themes, like Brand Thunder. Not to mention it inconveniences millions of users who suddenly lose extensions without warning.

How to Fix Your Chrome Theme

So you’ve gotten over your rage and have decided it’s time to fix Chrome and reinstall your theme. Luckily, you can take care of it in a few easy steps and get back to enjoying your theme in no time. The key thing to remember is that Google isn’t removing your theme entirely, it’s simply disabling it.

Step 1

Chrome Extension Tune Up

When Chrome updates itself, a warning message will pop up, shown in the image above. You will want to click on the “Extension Settings” button in order to open a new tab that shows all of your installed Chrome extensions.

Step 2

Chrome Extensions List

Once you have opened the new tab, you will find that your disabled extensions will be grayed out completely. In order to turn your extension (or theme in this case) back on, simply click on the “Enable” box next to it. You might need to restart your browser in order to complete the change, but the key is that your theme is back.

What If You Miss the Window?

If you happen to miss the warning window, all you need to do is find your Settings page in the right-hand corner near the URL bar.

Chrome Settings Bar

Once you’ve clicked on that, scroll down the menu to “Settings,” then choose “Extensions” on the new page that appears, which will allow you to enable your theme and other extensions.

Downloading a New Chrome Theme Altogether

Losing your Chrome theme might also make you want to just download a new one, which is easy as well. After searching through Brand Thunder’s library of Chrome themes and discovering one you like, you’ll find a download option on the individual theme’s page.

Chrome Theme Download Button

Once you have clicked on the download button, another page with instructions will pop up. Just follow the simple instructions below to install the theme.

How to install Chrome Theme

  • Click Continue to download the extension.
  • Click OK on the yellow message bar..
  • Click the settings icon as seen above, Then Select Tools->Extensions.
  • Drag and drop the CRX file from your Downloads folder onto the extensions page.
  • Click Add to install the extension and follow the prompts.

It’s just that easy to have a new Chrome theme. Within a couple of clicks, you’ll have a new Chrome theme from a trusted source.

Fix Your Chrome Theme Today

“Why is Chrome not working?”

It’s a question we’ve seen thousands of users ask us lately. And now, many of us have been asking, “Why is my Chrome theme gone?”

With these few easy steps, though, you’ll be able to either restore your current Chrome theme or download a completely new one in a matter of minutes. With so many options available, it’ll be hard to choose a new theme, but that’s the way we like it.

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