Internet Explorer 8There is a constant battle raging on for the title of “Most Popular Browser” and, currently, Internet Explorer seems to be fighting itself for the honor.

According to Net Applications’ recent release of global web browser usage statistics for September 2013, IE8 leads everybody with a 21.41% market share.

Oddly enough, Internet Explorer 10 is in second place with 19.43% market share, but is gaining on IE8, as that number is up from 18.65% in August.

Plus, IE8’s own numbers have fallen, as its September share dipped from 21.65% in August.

And if that wasn’t enough Internet Explorer dominance for you, IE9 was in fifth place among individual browsers with 9.44% and IE6 still had 4.87% of the market share, likely to the chagrin of Microsoft.

Most popular browsers

Where Do the Other Major Browsers Stand?

Chrome 29 is currently the leading contender (12.78%) to dethrone Internet Explorer, but that’s still a pretty lofty goal, especially as IE11 will soon be incorporated in the data. Firefox is a distant fourth with 11.55%.

For you Safari users, the browser sits at 3.59%.

But page views are a completely different story. StatCounter, which tracks overall page views and not just unique visitors, gives Chrome 29 the overwhelming nod as the most used browser in the world, with 34.03%.

Not surprisingly, Firefox 23 comes in second with 12.5%, and IE10 is third with 12.16%.

As for IE8? It only has 9.54% of the market share when overall page views are taken into account. In other words, IE8 is on a ton of machines, it’s just not being used very often – especially on the weekends.

Where does your favorite browser rank?

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