ChromeNaziIf you installed an extension that you didn’t get from Google’s Chrome Web Store, it’s getting turned off when Google releases Chrome 25. Unlike most software that prompts you for an update, Google updates silently – so one day your browser will stop working the way you expect it.

Here’s what you need to know to protect your browser experience and the extensions you’ve come to depend on – after the Chrome 25 install.

Caution Ahead!

The only warning you’ll get is this small window (shown in Image 1 below) popping up after Chrome updates itself.

Don’t miss this warning or you’ll miss the easiest chance to make your browser right.

When you the window appears, click the Extension Settings button to open a tab with all your extensions. If you miss this opportunity, we’ll give you a Plan B farther down in this post.

Image 1

Become an Enabler

Google is not totally uninstalling the extensions you may have downloaded from other sites, it’s simply disabling them. You have to take the additional step to turn them back on if you want them.

When you click the Extensions Settings button, you be taken to a tab that lists all the extensions installed in Chrome. This is where you’ll make your necessary adjustments.

The example in Image 2 shows what Disabled themes look like. All logos and descriptive text will be grayed out. The check box will be empty and you’ll see “Enable” next to it. Click the check box and the text will change to “Enabled.” At this point, everything is turned back on – though you may need to restart your browser to complete the process.

Disabled Extensions
Image 2: This is what a disabled extension looks like.

Plan B – I missed the Window!

If you miss the little warning window and realize a few days later that things just aren’t working like you remember, don’t worry. You can still enable your preferred extensions.

You’ll need to look for the Settings Button in the Chrome browser. It’s on the right side of your browser, next to the URL address bar. See the red circle in Image 3 for what it looks like. Once you click the Settings Button, scroll down the menu to Settings, then choose Extensions on the page that pops up.

It’s a few more steps, but will get you to the same place as Image 2 shows.

Settings Button
Image 3: Settings Button

Don’t Miss Out

Your favorite extension could do any number of things. Brand Thunder themes  integrate news, content, contests, prizes and more within the themes we build for some of the top names across all industries. They are visually stunning and interactively engaging.

You’ll only keep this engaging theme and many of your other favorite extensions if you reactivate the extension after Google turns it off.

WTF Google?

This appears to be a severe case of collateral damage, or maybe you can call it friendly fire. Giving Google the benefit of the doubt – they were probably well intentioned. Malware and distributors of unscrupulous software will do whatever they can to get there product on your machine. Some were exploiting the holes in Google’s browser security.

They feel that software distributed outside of the Google Chrome Web Store is too great a threat to allow. You still have to be careful on the Web Store too. Google has gotten better about reviewing all apps, but in most cases it comes after the product is live – so you still need to be wary of the products you download there too. Always make sure you know and can trust the builder of the extension you install, like Brand Thunder.

Not only are Brand Thunder’s themes available for some of the biggest names around and they distribute the themes on their site. Every Brand Thunder theme is equipped with the tools you need to manage the services our themes provide – from adjusting the news feed in the toolbar ticker to opting out of advertising. That’s pretty amazing.

Good luck with your efforts to keep your browsing experience the way you want it.


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