Facebook layouts blog postThere’s a pretty good chance that if you’re on the Internet, you’re also using Facebook. The social networking behemoth has essentially ingrained itself into our lives, making it as important as air or water.

Okay, so Facebook might not be that important, but it’s definitely something many of us cannot live without. The only problem is, it’s not very easy to customize. Unlike MySpace, which let users run rampant with customization, Facebook continues to have a pretty rigid design.

Or does it?

With a Facebook layout, you are able to alter the look of your new Timeline with just about anything, from your favorite movies and artists to pictures of your college/university, holidays, sports, nature and more.

How to Change Your Facebook Layout

Changing your free Facebook layout is easy, too:

1. Find your new Facebook layout

2. Install the Social Extras plug-in and allow your browser to restart (you’ll be given a prompt to download it)

3. Reselect your layout and you’re good to go!

Sometimes, the process of installing your new Facebook layout is even easier than that. All you will have to do is connect with your Facebook account and, in one click, you’re ready to have a brand-new look on your page. It all really depends on what site you get your layout from, but it’s always an easy process.

Now that you know how to change your Facebook layout, be sure to find your favorite design!

Top Facebook Layout Designs

The Walking Dead

Walking Dead Facebook Layout

As the most popular show on cable, this is a Facebook layout that is sure to be a hit. If you’re following the trials and tribulations of Rick and Co. every single week while on the edge of your seat, then this is for you.

Baltimore Ravens

Baltimiore Ravens Facebook Layout

Baltimore Ravens fans, this is your time to shine. Your team just won the biggest game in American sports, which gives you free reign to brag for an entire year. Make sure everyone knows where your allegiances lie with this Facebook layout.

The Beatles

The Beatles Facebook Skin

The Beatles never go out of style, and a psychedelic new Facebook profile layout such as this is a perfect encapsulation for everything the band stood for, especially in their later years.

Bruno Mars

Bruno Mars Facebook Layout

Though he is often lumped in with many other pop artists, Bruno Mars has one of the most unique sounds in today’s music landscape. Plus, he was surprisingly hilarious on Saturday Night Live.

American Horror Story: Asylum

American Horror Story Facebook Layout

Were you a huge fan of this season of American Horror Story? With so many insane twists and turns, it was hard not to be. The next season promises to be just as good, so this Facebook layout should be able to hold you over until then.

Kawaii Facebook Layouts

In Japanese culture, the word Kawaii literally means “lovable,” “cute,” “adorable” and just about every other desirable adjective you can think of. This level of cuteness can be found on just about anything, from entertainment and food to one’s own personal appearance and, of course, Facebook layouts.

And judging by the following designs, they fit that description pretty well.

Skipping Cassette Layout

Skipping Cassette Facebook Layout

Smiling Cupcakes

Smiling Cupcakes Facebook skin

Earth and Moon Dancing

Earth and Moon Dancing Layout

Find More Free Facebook Layouts

If you didn’t see a layout above that you liked, have no fear. You can find many, many more on the following sites. Best of all, they’re updated constantly, so keep checking back because you’re bound to find a Facebook layout you love.

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