The air is a little cooler; the leaves begin to change color; nights get a little longer and, maybe, a little scarier. As you watch summer come to an end, it can only mean one thing: Halloween is on its way. No matter how old you are, Halloween is the holiday that can make anybody feel like a kid again.

And with so many great Halloween downloads at your disposal – from browser themes and desktop wallpapers to Facebook themes, mobile apps, iPhone wallpapers and more – you’ll always be able to feel festive. We’ve collected a few of our favorite Halloween downloads below – check them out and prepare yourself for the spookiest day of the year!

Halloween Browser Themes

No matter what browser you use, its look could stand to be spruced up, especially during a holiday season. Luckily, Halloween provides some of the best imagery of the year, from pumpkins and black cats to witches, ghosts, ghouls and other goosebump-inducing creatures. The best part about the Official Halloween browser theme is that it includes quick links to some of the best Halloween websites for costume ideas, party themes, and links to spooky Halloween videos.

Official Halloween Browser Theme

Halloween browser theme

Black Cat Halloween Theme

Black Cat Halloween Theme

Pumpkin Browser Theme

Halloween Pumpkin Browser Theme

Halloween Enchantment Halloween Enchantment Anime Halloween Theme

Anime Halloween ThemeHalloween Mash

Halloween Mash

Create Your Own Halloween Browser Theme

Halloween is a time to get creative! With costumes, decorations and ways to scare your friends, this is a holiday that really gets your creative juices flowing. With that in mind, why not take it a step further and create your very own Halloween browser theme?

With BT-Engage, you simply upload the spooky imagery of your choice, follow a couple steps and, before you know it, you’ll be sharing your theme with other Halloween fanatics around the world. Check out some of the sweet designs created by fans:

Hallowed Night

Hallowed Night

Halloween at the Graveyard

Halloween at the Graveyard

Halloween Night

Halloween Night

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween

Halloween Desktop Wallpapers

With computer monitors getting better by the day, you are able to download awesome high-resolution desktop wallpaper that really makes your background pop. And for Halloween, you have endless choices, from fun designs to scary desktop wallpaper that will make you jump every time you turn on the computer.


Halloween Background Theme 

Ghost Desktop Wallpaper

 Mummy Desktop Wallpaper

 Ghoulish Trick or Treater - Halloween

 Happy Halloween Pumpkins Desktop Theme

 Frankenstein Happy Halloween Desktop Wallpaper


Halloween Facebook Themes

Think about how often you are on Facebook. If you’re like most people, it’s probably an amount you’d rather not admit to. But don’t worry, embrace it! Download a Halloween Facebook theme and enjoy the holiday more than ever each time you visit the social network.

Flying Witch Facebook Theme

Flying Witch Facebook Theme

Hello Kitty

Hello Kitty Halloween

Halloween Spider

Spider Facebook Layout

The Window

Halloween Window Facebook Layout

Dr. Zombie

Dr. Zombie Facebook Skin

Halloween iPhone Wallpapers

Speaking of checking something constantly, what do we check more than our phones? With Halloween-themed iPhone wallpaper, you’ll be greeted by a witch, a pumpkin, a skull – anything you can think of – every time you swipe open your phone!

Flying Witch iPhone Wallpaper

 Halloween Pumpkin iPhone Wallpaper

3D Halloween iPhone wallpaper
Halloween Skulls Wallpaper

For even more Halloween iPhone wallpapers, be sure to check out the Halloween Wallpapers HQ app, which is full of awesome, festive and scary backgrounds for your phone.

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